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FIFA World Cup

Mbombela Stadium (ATT 32,664) 16th June 2010 - Kick off 12:30

Honduras Honduras vs Chile Chile


Chile 1

J Beausejour (34)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:24 pm, June 16th 2010

  1. Honduras 0 Chile 1. All over, with Chile putting on a good show. They were better than the scoreline suggests and could be a side to keep an eye on in South Africa. As for Honduras, they looked a bit out of their depth and could be in for a tough time. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the game.

  2. 90+3

    Late corner to Honduras. Can they grab a point. Answer: No. Ponce heads the set-piece away to safety. Chile then look to break at pace, but take too long and Gonzalez eventually lashes well over the bar.

  3. 90+2

    Sanchez still buzzing around all over the place. Expect quite a few managers to have added him to their summer shopping list.

  4. 90+1

    Gonzalez flicks the ball up for himself and sends a half-volley fizzing past the post. Moments later the same man lofts a curling effort over the top. He is keen to make his mark this afternoon.

  5. Three minutes of stoppage time to be played.

  6. 90

    Welcome sets his sights from 20 yards, steadies himself and lets rip. He is off balance as he connects, though, and fires high, wide and handsome.

  7. 89

    Figueroa fells Sanchez, within 35 yards of goal. Ponce takes on this occasion, but crashes a stinging drive straight into the wall. Another disappointing free-kick at the 2010 World Cup.

  8. 88

    Honduras eager to get on with things, but I fear this game may have passed them by. This is all a learning curve for them and they can take heart from plenty of what they have done today.

  9. 87

    Final change is made as Valdivia is replaced by former Liverpool winger Mark Gonzalez.

  10. 86

    Nice turn by Alvarez and he is able to drift past Contreras. He lobs a cross into the box, where Bravo is able to climb highest and pluck the ball out of the air.

  11. 85

    Honduras taking chances again, with Chavez this time pushing his luck. He is fouled as he tries to dribble the ball out, and is relieved to hear the whistle.

  12. 84

    Figueroa almost caught in possession. Valdivia lets him off the hook as he flies into a tackle. No need as the Wigan defender was going nowhere.

  13. 83

    Martinez bemused to see a free-kick given against him. His challenge with Ponce did seem to be 50-50, with each giving as good as they got.

  14. 82

    Fernandez lines up a free-kick from a long way out. He finds the head of Medel, but the centre-half is flagged offside. He did go slightly too soon.

  15. 81

    Contreras on in place of Vidal.

  16. 80

    Sanchez has lacked an end product today. Again he has Honduras worried as he races at them. Once 25 yards from goal he takes on the shot, but drags it well past the post.

  17. 79

    Good play all round. Sanchez turns Izaguirre inside out and floats over a high cross. Mendoza then calmly chests the ball back to his keeper.

  18. 78

    Martinez on in place of Nunez as Honduras make their final switch.

  19. 77

    Fernandez swings over another free-kick. Jara gets a touch at the near post and forces the ball goalwards. Valladares is quickest to react and pounces before Beausejour can react.

  20. 76

    Well played by Mendoza as he cuts out a dangerous cross from Sanchez. Chile's flying winger is causing problems every time he touches the ball now.

  21. 75

    Welcome is offering plenty of running for Honduras up front, but is getting no service. Chile instead attack again, and have the ball in the net. The flag is up, though, with Sanchez appearing to have handled and Valdivia stood offside when he put it away.

  22. 74

    Glancing effort from Isla drifts wide. There were four red shirts queuing up in the middle, with Honduras retreating into their shell.

  23. 73

    Chile will be wanting the safety net of a second here. They have run the show, but know one mistake could see them throw two priceless points down the pan.

  24. 72

    Easy claim for Bravo as another long ball is pumped into his box. The Chile keeper hasn't been tested nearly enough today.

  25. 71

    Valdivia is down and looks to be in some pain. He appears to have injured his leg. Looks like he may have pulled something challenging for a header.

  26. 70

    Palacios' hard work pays off as he forces a corner. Can Honduras grab a route back into the game? Espinoza's delivery is allowed to bounce, but Bravo quickly dives on the ball.

  27. 69

    Another great chance for Isla, who takes too long on the ball. Sanchez fires a low cross into him, but he looks to take a touch from eight yards out rather than go for goal first time. The delay allows a block to come in.

  28. 68

    Welcome appeals for handball against Ponce. Nothing given by the ref, who remains unmoved. Even if it did touch his hand, there was no intent.

  29. 67

    Fernandez takes a tumble and is awarded the decision. Will Chile live to rue that missed opportunity from Ponce? How he didn't score remains a mystery. It was a top drawer save though.

  30. 66

    Hendry Thomas of Wigan is on, with the veteran Guevara making way.

  31. 65

    Will fitness start to become a factor now. We have alreayd mentioned that the majority of the Honduras side are part-time? Could prove costly as the game wears on.

  32. 64

    Another foul by Palacios, who needs to stay cool. From the free-kick Valladares produces a remarkable save. Vidal nods back across the target for Ponce, who is six yards out. Somehow his header is beaten away by a sprawling Valladares.

  33. 63

    Decent move from Honduras, but it is halted prematurely as Alvarez strays offside. He did look to have had far too much room in which to move into.

  34. 62

    Palacios doing his best to get Honduras going, but to no avail. Instead it is Chile who come close once more, with Sanchez dancing through the middle and dragging a shot narrowly past the post. Should really have done better.

  35. 61

    Sanchez cushions a pass into the path of Isla. Figueroa alive to the danger again and prods the ball away as the Chilean shaped to shoot.

  36. 60

    Pavon makes way for Welcome. Good name for a substitute.

  37. 59

    Changes afoot for Honduras, with movement on the bench. For now they try to mount an attack, but Izaguirre is unable to pick out an isolated Pavon.

  38. 58

    Free-kick awarded to Chile wide on their right. Pressure mounting again from the men in red. Nicely flighted delivery from Fernandez into the heart of the biox, but Figueroa is able to head clear.

  39. 57

    Vidal pulls the ball back to Sanchez, who enters the box. Palacios sticks his leg out and Sanchez goes down. Nothing given again, much to Chile's dismay.

  40. 56

    Fernandez's delivery is partially cleared, with Chavez rising highest to nod to safety. Honduras then lash the ball clear, but have no-one forward to chase.

  41. 55

    Sanchez leads Izaguirre a merry dance, before being fouled. He doesn't need much encouragement to go down, but it was a foul. Chance to load the box.

  42. 54

    Honduras win a throw deep in Chile territory. Mendoza fires over a low cross, which cannons into the back of Alvarez. Just not happening for them at the moment.

  43. 53

    Jara straight into the action, but has the ball plucked off his head by Valladares. Chile have changed their tactics slightly, with Honduras having no deployed two men up front.

  44. 52

    West Brom's Jara on in place of Millar.

  45. 52

    Should have been two for Chile. Beausejour is eventually flagged offside, but Valdivia had the best chance. He couldn't get a toe to the ball.

  46. 51

    Pavon back on his feet, but does not look happy. Chile continue to pile forward, with plenty of options available to the man on the ball.

  47. 50

    Fernandez goes short, changing the angle. The final delivery picks out Vidal, who swings at fresh air. Pavon is down again and will require further treatment.

  48. 49

    Chile take a moment to string a few passes together. Their patient build-up almost pays off, but Sanchez is stopped by Izaguirre. Corner to Chile.

  49. 48

    Better from Honduras, as Alvarez lines up from 30 yards. Good block from Ponce. Chile race up the other end and Figueroa has to put in a last-ditch challenge on Beausejour. End-to-end stuff!

  50. 47

    Espinoza squeezes the ball into Pavon, but he is unable to gather. Chile then lose possession and Alvarez takes a tumble right on the edge of the box. The ref looks to his linesman and gives nothing.

  51. 46

    No changes at the interval, so we are as you were. Both sides have forwards on the bench, so expect to see them later on.

  52. Chile get the second period underway.

  53. The teams are back out and the second half is almost upon us. Here's hoping for more of the same!

  54. You can bet in-play throughout the game at Chile are now 1/8 to take the spoils, with Honduras having slipped to 28/1. You can get 11/2 the draw, with the dangerous Alexis Sanchez the same price to get the next goal.

  55. Remember to keep your thoughts coming in to Will we get more of the same after the break, or will Honduras come back into it?

  56. Honduras 0 Chile 1. Entertaining first half, with Chile well on top. They are good value for their lead and will fancy their chances of grabbing a few more after the break.

  57. 45+1

    Nunez tests Bravo with a dipping effort, but the Chile keeper sees the ball comfortably over the bar. He then gets caught under the resulting corner, but there is no-one following in behind.

  58. 45

    Valladares appears to have picked up a knock in that challenge and Figueroa takes over goal kick duties. Honduras push forward and win a free-kick 30 yards from goal. Chance to snatch an equaliser.

  59. 44

    Sanchez denied by an heroic block from Chavez. Valdivia first onto the looping ball, but Valladares dives bravely at his feet to put him off.

  60. 43

    Referee prepared to let Carmona get away with another rather reckless challenge. He needs to mind his step.

  61. 42

    Frustration mounts for Honduras as another tame attack breaks down. They need more movement, pace and composure. Chile up the other end and Beausejour is unfortunate not to pick out a team-mate.

  62. 41

    Solid from Chile, as they stand up to a rare attack and comfortably regain possession. Just think, they haven't got their number one striker on the field at the moment so can only get better!

  63. 40

    Not too sure what Honduras can do to change things, but they need to find a Plan B. Sanchez again gives them problems, cutting in from his wing, but is unable to take the ball past Figueroa.

  64. 39

    Nunez with another wild effort from distance. He created a yard well enough, but got right underneath his shot and lifts it high over the top.

  65. 38

    Far too much time for Chile every time they win the ball. They have been impressive, and their approach is most welcome in the wake of a few tedious encounters, but they aren't facing much resistence.

  66. 37

    Honduras on the back foot again. They are then let off the hook as Sanchez is pulled up for a push inside the box.

  67. 36

    How will Honduras respond? In fact, they almost go two down as a brilliant backheel from Valdivia forces them into a hurried clearance.

  68. 35

    Great play by Isla, who has got forward as often as Vidal on the other side. Chile do seem to be very much all-out attack, but that hasn't been a problem so far.

  69. 34

    GOAL CHILE - BEAUSEJOUR. Chile take a deserved lead. Great run in behind from Isla and he squares acros the six yard box. Beausejour is on hand to force the ball home, with the aid of a deflection.

  70. 34

    Neat one-touch football from Chile. Sanchez tries too much, though, and is outnumbered. Honduras seem to have realised that he is the dangerman and needs to be watched closely.

  71. 33

    Palacios the latest to go into the book. Not sure what for, and neither is the Tottenham man.

  72. 32

    Baffling decision from the referee. Sanchez is flying and gets cut in half by Figueroa. Somehow the ref gives a goal kick. There have been a few strange calls from the officials so far.

  73. 31

    Honduras earn a platform on which to build. They have Chile pushed back for a moment, but a disppointing cross is soon hammered back up to halfway.

  74. 30

    Poor control from Vidal, who was well forward once more. Pavon then does exactly the same as he is picked out wide on the right.

  75. 29

    Honduras struggle to clear their lines. Vidal and Fernandez come close to getting a sight of goal, but some desperate defending keeps them at bay.

  76. 28

    Pavon, who is back with us, fails to pick out Alvarez. The pacey playmaker was breaking in on goal and probably would have been away had the pass reached him.

  77. 27

    Bravo given far too much time in which to pick out a team-mate. Hondouras need to press Chile in their own half, because they are inviting too much pressure at the moment.

  78. 26

    Pavon goes down clutching his ankle. Chile put the ball out so the Honduran striker can get treatment. He took a knock but he should be okay to continue.

  79. 25

    Sanchez with a couple of stepovers to get him to the dead-ball line. His cross takes a slight deflection and crashes into the side netting. Corner to Chile. Fernandez picks out Vidal, who nods over from six yards. Half-chance.

  80. 24

    Alvarez hacked down by Vidal, offering some respite for Honduras. They look to throw the free-kick long into the box, but fail to pick out a white shirt.

  81. 23

    Honduras are lumping too many aimless passes forward. They need to get the ball on the deck.

  82. 22

    Sanchez leads a break, but lacks support. Finally he picks out Valdivia on the edge of the box, who lets fly. Another good block comes in, forcing a corner. Fernandez's delivery is only half-cleared, but Sanchez slips as he picks up the loose ball and the chance goes begging.

  83. 21

    Nunez with the set-piece, following plenty of pulling and shoving in the middle. Bravo out to claim it unchallenged.

  84. 20

    Worth pointing out that seven of Honduras' starting XI are part-time players who play their club football back in their homeland. For them, just being here is a remarkable achievement. On the field, Espinoza sees a hopeful shot flicked behind for a corner.

  85. 19

    Fernandez sees yellow. Looks like he may have spoken out of turn.

  86. 18

    Pavon with a clear sight of goal. He has time and space 25 yards from goal, but snatches at his shot and scuffs harmlessly past the post.

  87. 17

    Corner to Chile, as Valdivia has the ball stolen off his toe. Can they get the delivery right this time? Fernandez gets better height on the ball on this occasion, but Honduras are able to head to safety.

  88. 16

    Palacios getting stuck in, no surprise there. It is all a bit frantic in midfield at the moment, with neither side able to get a foot on the ball.

  89. 15

    Honduras break, but the move soon loses momentum. In the end Espinoza throws over a hopeful cross, which is too high for everybody.

  90. 14

    Have been impressed by Vidal as well so far. He is an attack-minded full-back and looks like he will be bombing forward at every opportunity. He has also fared admirably when pushed backwards.

  91. 13

    Dreadful final ball from Valdivia. Chile carve Honduras open and have men streaming forward. Beausejour bursts in behind, but is unable to catch up with a wayward pass from his team-mate.

  92. 12

    Better from Honduras as they knock the ball around for the first time. They look comfortable enough in possession, they just need to establish a foothold in the game.

  93. 11

    Searching pass towwards Sanchez from Carmona, but it has too much on it and bounces out of play. Chile look to be a decent unit going forward, so I would be surprised if we don't get goals here.

  94. 10

    Vidal safely back to Bravo, with Pavon lurking. Honduras need to get the ball up to the feet of their frontmen, as their attackers are not the biggest.

  95. 9

    Sanchez has looked bright so far, proving why Real Madrid are reported to be keen. Meanwhile, Vidal strikes a swerving effort from a long way out, which Valladares claims at the second attempt. Almost another Rob Green moment there.

  96. 8

    Smart keeping from Valladares as he skips off his line to gather a long ball over the top. Fernandez was sneaking in behind and had to be stopped.

  97. 7

    Honduras battling bravely, but can't get the ball. As I speak, they mount their first counter. Nunez tries his luck from distance, but sees his shot take a deflection and balloon into the arms of Bravo.

  98. 6

    Free-kick awarded to Chile wide on the right, bringing the big men forward from the back. Poor delivery again, which is nodded clear by the first man.

  99. 5

    Sanchez with a positive burst down the right, before he is stopped in his tracks on the edge of the box. Honduras can't get out of their own half at the moment,

  100. 4

    Carmona becomes the first player in the book for a clumsy challenge on Alvarez. He now needs to be careful.

  101. 4

    Isla wins the first corner of the game. Chile very much on the front foot early doors, with Honduras yet to make any impression. The delivery from the set-piece is not the best.

  102. 3

    Fernandez gets the ball up and over the wall. Valladares is troubled for a moment, but is glad to see the ball brush the top of the netting. Close, but not close enough.

  103. 2

    Valdivia is felled 30 yards from goal. Good opportunity for Chile. Can they hit the target and work the goalkeeper?

  104. 1

    Chile with an early break, but Sanchez is unable to keep the ball in play and it trickles behind.

  105. Honduras get us up and running.

  106. Pre-game plesantries are done and dusted and we are ready for the off. I hope this game proves to be the one to bring the World Cup to life, but I'm not overly optimistic!

  107. The players enter the arena, and are greeted by a lively atmosphere. The travelling Chile supporters are making plenty of noise and there is a sea of red around the stadium. The weather is perfect once again as well, so no excuses for not putting on a show here!!

  108. Today's referee is Eddy Maillet from the Seychelles.

  109. Chile team: Bravo, Isla, Medel, Ponce, Vidal, Millar, Carmona, Fernandez, Sanchez, Valdivia, Beausejour. Subs: Pinto, Fuentes, Contreras, Suazo, Gonzalez, Estrada, Orellana, Jara, Fierro, Tello, Paredes, Marin.

  110. Honduras team: Valladares, Mendoza, Chavez, Figueroa, Izaguirre, Wilson Palacios, Guevara, Alvarez, Nunez, Espinoza, Pavon. Subs: Canales, Johnny Palacios, Bernardez, Thomas, Suazo, Welcome, Garcia, Martinez, Sabillon, Turcios, Escober.

  111. You can also bet in-play throughout the game at Honduras start as 5/1 outsiders, with Chile available at 4/6 and the draw 12/5.

  112. How do you see the game going? Can Honduras spring an upset or will Chile prevail? Who are going to be the men to keep an eye on? Let me know your thoughts.

  113. Hopefully we will be treated to an entertaining encounter today and you can share your opinion on the game by contacting me direct at

  114. Honduras are gracing the finals for just the second time in their history, while Chile are back on the world stage for the first time since 1998. On that occasion they made it throug to the knockout stages and will be looking to repeat that feat this year.

  115. A bright start is imperative for both sides, with Spain and Switzerland tipped by many to challenge for the top two spots in the group.

  116. Welcome to the Mbombela Stadium for our coverage of today's Group H encounter between Honduras and Chile.



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