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  • Tim Richardson

Date Pos Horse SP Course Dist Going Class Jockey
28/1/2015 4/10 Soul Allegiance (USA) 9/2 Tamp 8f Fernando Cruz La De
28/1/2015 3/11 The Real McCoy (USA) 2/1 Tamp 8f Rosemary Homeister Jr
25/1/2015 3/8 Driven By Desire (USA) 21/5 Tamp 8f Daniel Centeno
14/1/2015 3/10 The Real McCoy (USA) Tamp 8f Rosemary Jr Homeister
10/1/2015 2/8 Hold The Presses (USA) Tamp 8f Fernando Cruz La De
9/1/2015 3/10 Driven By Desire (USA) Tamp 8f Daniel Centeno