Martin measures up

Norfolk angler triumphs in Fish 'O' Mania qualifier

Last Updated: 01/06/12 2:07pm

Warren Martin landed more than 120 small carp and ide to secure his place in Fish 'O' Mania grand final by taking victory at the qualifier in Scunthorpe.

The 36-year-old quantity surveyor from Lyng reeled in 178 lb 10 oz in the smallest lake used at Messingham Sands Fishery as he beat off 129 other anglers to win the event. Lincoln's Robert Morris landed 168 lb 10 oz carp all on the pellet waggler to finish second.

Fish 'O' Mania regular Steve Rothery, who fished 8mm banded pellet on bomb and pellet waggler, came third with 150 lb 9 oz, with his biggest carp coming in at 14lbs.

The match was tinged with sadness as the original organiser for the Fish 'O' Mania qualifier at Messingham match Brian Turner passed away after a short illness just a few weeks before the event.

The next Fish 'O' Mania qualifier is at Partridge Lakes, near Warrington, on June 2.