Magic of Murphy

Last Updated: 16/08/12 10:21am

Alex Murphy is our very special guest on this week's Super Men

To be a half-back in rugby league you have to have a quick brain, quicker feet and plenty of self confidence. Alex Murphy was blessed with all three.

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His belief in his own ability was so complete he was often described as cocky - sometimes to the point of arrogance. But when you look back at his achievements in the game, you can understand why.

He's the only player in the game to have reached a Challenge Cup final and win at Wembley with three different teams. His first was in 1961, when he played for St Helens against the old enemy Wigan.

In this week's Super League Super Men, he describes how this first appearance on the great stage was also his worst, leaving him feeling overwhelmed and off-form. But he more than made up for it in 1971, when he returned as player coach of Leigh.

It was a cup final that'll be remembered for two things: it was a victory for the north west underdogs against the mighty Yorkshire side of Leeds, and it featured a sending off that is still talked about to this day.

The cameras missed the moment itself, but found Alex out cold, spreadeagled on the Wembley turf, after apparently being knocked out by the Leeds captain Syd Hynes.

As the big man walked off, Murphy was stretchered off, but legend has it that he winked as he was being carried to the changing room. What really happened? He tells all in this week's show.

We also discover why he punched the Wigan boss Maurice Lindsay, and which moment is the proudest of his career - and it wasn't on a rugby league field.

Often outspoken, always entertaining and one of the most successful figures in British sport, it is an hour of television not to be missed.