What ban for Fellaini?

Last Updated: 16/12/12 6:36pm

The Supplement discuss what ban Marouane Fellaini could face after appearing to butt Ryan Shawcross.

The Everton midfielder appeared to butt Potters defender Shawcross and the Belgian could now face a ban if he is charged by the FA after referee Mark Halsey missed the incident.

Everton manager David Moyes took a dim view of his star player's actions and has already told him that his behaviour was unacceptable.

"The reason why it is so extraordinary is because in football, even with all it's perceived problems and troubles, we don't actually see many wanton acts of violence," said the Sunday Mirror's Andy Dunn.

"Because we don't see it that often it will be interesting to see what happens, there has not really been a precedent in recent years as to what sort of ban Fellaini will receive. Clearly he will get a ban, but it will be interesting to see what that punishment is.

"The other aspect to it is that it was against Stoke - I think Tony Pulis feels that foul play against them is sometimes overlooked because it is almost thought of that they deserve it because of their approach to the game.

"What he was saying after the game was quite a good point - he did not have a go at the ref but he pointed out that it is no use to them now when Fellaini gets punished - Stoke did not benefit in any shape or form from the act. Everton will be missing one of their best players against teams who are in direct competition with Stoke."

Praise for Moyes

John Dillon of the Daily Express believes that Moyes deserves a lot of credit for condemning his player's actions.

"There are some managers who would have denied that - one of the tricks of the trade is to swear that black is white sometimes. For Moyes to come out and hold his hands up is a rarity."

Dunn counters by saying that Moyes did not really have a choice and that there is someone else who deserves more praise.

"The guy who deserves more praise than Moyes is Shawcross - clearly the shock of it made him fall over but can you imagine if it happened to some other players - they would still be on the floor now!"

Fellaini has issued a statement on the club's official website apologising for his actions saying that there was a lot of pushing and shoving going on in the Stoke penalty box and he felt he was not getting any protection from the officials.

"Halsey did not see it so he did not deal with it at the time and I do have sympathy for him," explained The Sunday Times man Jonathan Northcroft

"When you see the footage Fellaini is like a guy crossing the road - he checks his sight lines and then he does it - when he punches him it is even more obscured for the ref.

"This is becoming a problem for football. We see it at corners and free kicks every week. A few years ago coaches started to look at basketball techniques and started blocking players in the box. Since then there has been an explosion of grapples in the box and from the ref's point of view one pair of eyes is not enough."