In Arsene we trust?

Have Arsenal lost faith in Wenger?

Last Updated: 11/11/12 7:36pm

The Sunday Supplement team discuss Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal and why they are struggling in the Premier League.

Arsenal squandered a two-goal lead and missed a last-gasp penalty as they drew with Fulham 3-3 on Saturday and Wenger is under even more pressure from fans and the board as they fall even further off the pace.

The Daily Mirror's Oliver Holt believes the Arsenal fans have lost faith in Wenger but believes he has actually overachieved at the club.

"I am not so sure that they do trust Wenger," said Holt on the Sunday Supplement.

"They should but I think there seems to be a growing level of dissent amongst the Arsenal fans about Wenger. That dissent was there last season; it started to wane towards the end in the wake of the 8-2 at Manchester United. That undercurrent of dissent is almost like they are bored of Wenger and sometimes I think people want change for changes sake.

"My faith in him as a manger is unshaken. I think that if anything he has overachieved as Arsenal manager. If you analyse the sums that Arsenal have spent over the last ten years compared to the amount Manchester United. Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have spent then they have not spent as much. If Wenger was fighting on a level playing field then maybe you could criticise him but I think he has over achieved.

"One of the interesting issues is this running sore that he has got money but he won't spend it - I don't believe that. My interpretation of the situation there is that Arsenal are playing for the Stadium and the money is not there for Wenger.

David Woods of the Daily Star agrees, saying: "I think Oliver is right, I don't think Arsene can spend the money, I think he would like to and it is a fallacy that he is this tight Frenchman who does not want to spend money, however I don't think anyone has got to the bottom of why they can't."

Jason Burt disagrees with Holt and Woods and says that there is money to spend and believes Wenger could be splashing the cash in January.

"I disagree with the guys on the cash situation for two reasons," said the Sunday Telegraph man.

"Firstly there is a big cash reserve at Arsenal so there is money to spend and when you generate as much revenue as Arsenal do as a club then you can afford to speculate in terms of spending. They do have to pay for a stadium but they are ahead of schedule in terms of paying it off.

"There is money to spend and I think he will try and spend it in January which I think will be a big test for him.

"I do agree that what Wenger has achieved at the club over the last 15 years is remarkable - to keep Arsenal competitive, to build that new stadium and to continually qualify for the Champions league - people take that as a given - it is a hell of an achievement.

"However something does have to change to get them further up the table and I am not quite sure what hast something is at the moment. Wenger has earned the right to leave the club when he wants but the board must be getting a bit edgy about the continual decline at Arsenal."