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Read how the Soccer AM crew got on at Kempton...

Last Updated: 01/03/13 3:08pm

It was horseplay for the crew on Saturday as we enjoyed a day out at the races.

"Jack Whitehall chose to go to the toilet at the exact moment his award for best TV show was announced."

Soccer AM crew

Quotes of the week

At the very first Soccer AM Hurdle at Kempton, Max, Helen and the team all attempted to win big, mainly by picking the name of the horse they liked best.

Dev enjoyed himself a little bit too much and appeared to be flirting with Curly's mum for a lot of the day; he declined to comment but said another crew member was behaving a lot worse. We'll mention no names!

Franky Fryer was the big winner, coming away with £120, but it would seem there is less skill to it than you might think: "I didn't have a Scooby what I was doing. I just lumped it all on Ruby Walsh", claimed the nutty geezer.

Stu, however, lost £90 and we think the bookies were probably the big winners - but we all enjoyed our day and you'll be able to see what we got up to on Saturday's show. Hopefully we'll be invited back again!

Lavvers couldn't make the trip as he headed up to Liverpool to support David Price at the Echo Arena on Saturday evening - but it ended badly for the heavyweight, who was knocked out in the second round by Tony Thompson.

Price expected so much more when he spoke to Tubes last week, an interview you can still check out on our website.


It's been a busy week in the office, too: Franky went to Dundee for Away Days and tried haggis for the first time, while we also went to visit Gervinho, who, despite not speaking English, told us about his Arsenal team-mates.

A few of the crew went down to the NME Awards on Wednesday night, too, where some friends of Soccer AM were playing and collecting awards, including Jack Whitehall, who chose the exact moment his award for best TV show was announced to go to the toilet!

No one enjoyed themselves more than Stu, though: 'It doesn't get much better than Ronnie Wood and Johnny Marr playing 'How Soon is Now," he said. "Apart from finishing with 'There is a light that never goes out'.

The Soccer AM crew will be donning tuxes themselves next week when we attend the LAFTAs where we've been nominated for an award.

We're up against some tough competition and aren't expecting to win, but you can't turn down a free dinner! We'll let you know how we get on.

It's a big weekend of football for the crew with Lisa and Franky's Spurs taking on Dev, Bobbie and Curly's Arsenal on Sunday.

Curly and Franky will be at White Hart Lane and you can guarantee it will provide some talking points for Tuesday's meeting. You'll probably see a few angry Tweets from them before that - most likely from Bobbie!

See you on Saturday!



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