Tubes meet's Keegan

Last Updated: 19/01/13 4:42pm

Tubes spoke to Kevin Keegan about a possible return to football and the best player he has ever coached.

February will mark the anniversary of Keegan's return to Newcastle - a club he had played for in the early 80's and coached in the early 90's where he was dubbed 'King Kev.' And while Keegan says there are parts of the game he misses, he does not think he will be drawn out of retirement to coach another team - but you never know!

"I think you miss part of it, you miss the banter from the boys that is for sure," said Keegan on Soccer AM.

I have had offers to go back but I have resisted so far, but there is always the chance that someone comes in and presses the right buttons.

"When Sir John Hall first rang me up when I had been out of the game for seven year, he said 'this is John Hall, I am the chairman of Newcastle and the two people who can save Newcastle are talking to each other now.' He said, you have the passion and I have the money - I thought I would like to meet this guy and the rest happened as it did."

Keegan has not only played with some unbelievable players but coached them as well but says as far as natural ability goes, there is one player who stands out for him.

Passing it on

"For sheer ability I would say David Ginola. If a ball came up to him he could pretend to go that way and then go the other - you can't teach that, he just did that naturally. You can do so much coaching and management of a team but what really helps you at a football club is when you have players who want to pass it on. Players like Jamie Carragher, Stevie Gerrard at Liverpool, Scholes and Giggs and United. They are not only great players, but they want to pass it on."

Tubes, being a Chelsea fan (just in case you didn't know!, suggest that Chelsea should keep hold of Lampard for that very reason.

"I don't see Frank Lampard as anything but a good influence," agreed Keegan.

"The way he plays, his enthusiasm and the fact that he always keeps going. For a young player coming through, well they look at that and they think what has he got, why is he so special, what does he do that I need to learn. If that was me I would feel a bit aggrieved about that."

Tubes also finds out that Keegans first name is not actually Kevin...

"I have never been called Joseph apart from on my birth certificate. When I was born it was tradition to name your first son after the father. When went to school at the age of five, they were reading the register for the first time, when they came to Joseph Keegan - I never answered. She passed on that and afterwards I went up to the teacher and say you did not call my name, I am Kevin Keegan. She said no, you are Joseph Kevin Keegan - I was five before I knew that my name was Joseph."