Sparkling holidays

Stu has probelms with glitter, while Rocket remembers Kavos...

Last Updated: 17/01/13 5:59pm

It's over for another year!

"I had three showers on Saturday and I still can't get rid of the stuff."


Quotes of the week

The crew are all relieved that they don't have to dance against their will for another 12 months - apart from Rocket, who picked up his fifth Dance Off win on Saturday, despite his dad not voting for him!

Stu's first Dance Off experience will stay with him for a little bit longer though, after his glitter extravaganza and the newest crew member turned up to the office on Tuesday still sparkling. "I had three showers on Saturday and I still can't get rid of the stuff," he said. "I also swallowed way too much!"

It was touch and go for Lavvers, however, who was struggling with a migraine, although a few of team doubted the seriousness of it after he was drawn to perform first.

He passed a late fitness test, though, and after a bit of medication was able to swing those long legs about for 15 seconds... the things people will go through to be on telly!

One player watching on Saturday was less than impressed with one of our crew members' moves; Hull's David Meyler even felt it necessary to let Chris know how bad his dance moves were. "Just watched your dance moves, it's fair to say shocking stuff!"


With the Christmas period over and the Dance Off done, a few of the crew now have one eye on their summer holidays - and spending a bit of time away from each other.

However, they could be spending a lot MORE time together after Lisa, Franky, James and Dave all revealed they've been looking at going to Las Vegas.

We're not sure how many of those stories would be able to make the blog but you'd probably have the script for The Hangover 3 written by the end of it!

Rocket's also been thinking about some of his previous holidays after watching controversial TV show 'What Happens in Kavos' on Monday night; the Dance Off winner spent a month in the Greek village shortly after joining Soccer AM.

"It was such a great summer, the place is absolutely crazy!" he said, despite living above the local medical centre. He managed to pick up a job working in a Scorers bar but was a bit reluctant to share many stories. What happens in Kavos...


There was a lot of debate in the meeting on Tuesday after linesman John Brooks was stood down from his game on Tuesday after his comments to Joleon Lescott regarding ticket prices - a decision Bobbie felt was correct.

"His comments are showing a bias towards City, you need to remain impartial," argued Bobbie, despite the rest of the team disagreeing with his reasoning.

Bobbie's fellow goner James, chose to bet against his side at the weekend, backing both Manchester clubs to win on Super Sunday. "It was to help soften the blow if we lost," he said. We're sure the £8.50 that he won will really help him get over his misery!

Stu is a little more realistic about his side's chances after Brentford beat Southend and now look forward to welcoming Tube's Chelsea next Sunday in the FA Cup.

He's not expecting too much from the game but should they win you can expect Tesco's glitter supplies to be further diminished.

See you on Saturday!