Festive fun

Franky visits Lapland and we get in the Christmas spirit

Last Updated: 20/12/12 3:56pm

Franky has been on his most extreme Away Days yet!

He donned his Santa hat and travelled all the way to Lapland - home of FC Santa Claus - last week. We're not sure how many of our viewers will actually make the trip but the naughty, nutty geezer doesn't need much persuading to go and see Santa!

Even though he got to visit Santa, have a ride with his reindeers and made a visit to the local Elf school, the highlight of Franky's trip was actually having a bowling alley in his hotel! If only he'd known about Airport Bowl, just down the road from the Soccer AM offices!

Despite being a nutty geezer, Franky wasn't quite prepared for the extreme weather conditions in Lapland. "I cannot tell you how cold it was... well I can, it was -20 degrees. It was so cold!"

The trip nearly ended in disaster though when he decided he wanted to ride the reindeers on his own - the untrained reindeer handler wasn't prepared when Rudolph decided to take an unexpected turn across a frozen lake. "Luckily I'm still here to tell the tale, it was pretty frightening!"

After a long couple of days in Lapland, the trip didn't have an ideal end when the flight back was seven minutes delayed and meant he missed the connecting flight back home, which resulted in a seven hour wait in Helsinki airport.

Franky had a great trip overall, though, and wants to give a big thanks to Juha Etelainen, the Chairman of FC Santa Claus, for being so inviting.

Christmas spirit

Closer to home, the rest have the office have also been getting into the Christmas spirit as we filmed our Christmas Special, which you'll be able to watch on Christmas Day whilst tucking into your Turkey.

As we all know, Christmas is all about family so we invited Tom Rosenthal back onto the sofas and this time he brought along his dad, Jim, who gave us an insight into what Christmas is like in their household - although maybe shared a little too much information!

Although our Christmas party is a few weeks away, Curly celebrated Christmas with his team this week, although having only joined the team this season it meant that he and a few others were due an initiation which involved taking part in an X Factor style competition!

Our Tamzin Greig look-a-like decided to do his rendition of the Spice Girls 'Spice Up Your Life' although he wasn't too pleased with how his performance went: "I don't think my vocals were on point."

The judging panel clearly agreed as he came a disappointing third. However, it can surely be good preparation for the dance-off which is creeping ever closer! Let's hope a video of his performance doesn't 'accidently' make it onto the internet!

The office has frantically been trying to get their shopping done with Chris looking forward to a first Christmas with his son however one of the crew member's gifts didn't go down well when Stu decided to give his mates cupcakes.

That's not so bad but he then decided to get cake topper which included an edible picture of himself in a bikini. "They went down a storm!" We're not too convinced though!

Have a great Christmas and we'll see you on Saturday!