Wedding daze

Lavvers' pic goes viral and Franky Fryer loses some wisdom...

Last Updated: 15/11/12 4:24pm

The Soccer AM crew have certainly been working hard this week but they also found time to enjoy themselves.

"Lavvers was making his way home on the Tube when he snapped a bride in her wedding dress with her head in her hands - and the photo quickly went viral!"

Soccer AM crew

Quotes of the week

James, Dev and Tubes put on their best clothes as they made a visit to the Sugar Hut on Saturday for a night out and it didn't disappoint!

James decided to show a few of the lads around his local area and took them to the club made famous by TV show The Only Way is Essex.

It did take a little longer than expected, though, as despite James telling the boys it was only 10 minutes down the road, it took 45.

However, they finally made it and thoroughly enjoyed them themselves, dancing into the early hours before stopping off at NU bar on the way home.

Tubes even had a Tweet from owner Micky Norcross in the morning thanking him for coming - what great service!

He will also have to put on his suit in a few weeks' time for his best mate's wedding, which he is currently preparing a best man's speech for.

The rapper - who has interviewed the likes of Denzel Washington and 50 Cent - is surprisingly nervous but we're sure it will go without a hitch.

We'll let you know how he gets on, but please let us know if you've got any tips for him.


Lavvers spotted a wedding that potentially hadn't gone as well on Sunday after meeting up with Tubes following Chelsea's draw with Liverpool.

He was making his way home on the tube when he snapped a bride in her wedding dress with her head in her hands - and the photo quickly went viral!

After re-Tweets in Germany, Australia, America, New Zealand and Canada and a story in the local newspaper, the groom got in touch to let Lavvers know that his new wife was okay. She had just had a little too much to drink after being given tickets to the match on the day of the wedding - we've all been there!

Coincidently, Rocket wants to know about the most embarrassing things your partner has ever done. Let him know via Twitter if you've got any stories or photos!

Stu and Ash have been smartening up and both came into the office with new haircuts on Thursday morning which has given everybody some amusement, particularly at Ash's expense with the Derby fan going for a major change.

We're not sure best how to describe it but the image of Danny Zuko amongst others probably summed it up best.

One crew member who hasn't been able to enjoy themselves too much this week is Franky Fryer, who had four wisdom teeth removed on Monday.

The nutty geezer has been bedridden but has assured us that he'll be well enough to let you know about the best places to go in Millwall on Saturday - proper dedication!

See you on Saturday!