Hasselbaink's Team Mates

Last Updated: 10/11/12 12:26pm

Former Chelsea, Leeds and Middlesbrough striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink lifted the lid on his former team mates for Soccer AM.

BEST TRAINER: I think the best trainer was Gareth Southgate. It's difficult, but he was always in the gym first and in training he used to always give 100%.

QUICKEST: Jesper Gronkjaer by a mile. He was, at times, too fast for himself.

MOST SKILFUL: Gianfranco Zola just had everything; we used to call him the genius. I think he could still play, in certain teams.

MOST VAIN: I think that was Emmanuel Petit.

HARDEST SHOT: It must have been me! I think it must have been me!

FUTURE MANAGER: I definitely wouldn't have said Gianfranco Zola would be a manager, but he's doing well and he has a lot to give to players.

DREAM TEAM MATE: I would have loved to have played with Lionel Messi. He's a great player and he just opens things up for you. Otherwise, Andres Iniesta. Those players provide chances and as a striker you want to have chances and put the ball in the net.

SUPERSTITIONS: The Italian players I played with had things like when you were sitting at the table you don't pass salt to them. They won't take salt out of your hands, you have to put it down on the table first and then they'll take it off the table. Those kind of things.

BEST DANCER: Mario Melchiot by a mile. He used to go out and he had some moves.

AND... WHO'S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER: I really don't pay attention to people in the showers! I would not be able to tell you that!