Toon and almost bust

Get the inside scoop of the Soccer AM crew's week

Last Updated: 01/11/12 5:03pm

It's been quiet in the Soccer AM office this week with several of the team out filming features for the show.

"Within 15 minutes we'd bought tickets and found ourselves in our seats."


Quotes of the week

Tubes has been to see Jack Butland, while we also visited Blackburn and Birmingham to watch them take on the Crossbar Challenge, something you will see in the coming weeks, but the worst journey was made by Dev.

We mentioned in last week's blog about the impending Great South Run which the lads were preparing for, however, work-shy Dev decided to pull out on Sunday morning claiming: "This isn't what I signed up for".

We're not sure what else the Arsenal fan could have confused the 10-mile run for but he pulled out nonetheless. We decided to punish him in the only way we know how - he had to take one for the team!

We don't want to give too much away, but he received a suitable punishment and we recommend that you tune in on Saturday to see his reaction!


In the absence of music-guest booker Dev, Scott and Ash did some A&R of their own when they went to check out The Heavy on Wednesday night. Ash has been raving about the Bath-based band for a while and we highly recommend you check them out!

Another recommendation from Soccer AM this week is the new James Bond film, which several of the crew went to see at the weekend. It particularly impressed rare film goer Tubes, who went along with his family: "It's a 10/10 blockbuster!" said our rapper.

Scott went up to Newcastle for the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday and eventually found himself at St. James' Park for the Toon Army's match against West Brom with tickets costing just £16.

"We started following some fans in the town centre and eventually found the ground and within 15 minutes we'd bought tickets and found ourselves in our seats," he said.

James enjoyed a night out closer to home this weekend, celebrating a friend's birthday in Amika. However, the evening nearly didn't end so well when James and his mates were brought a £2700 bar bill after a 'fire extinguisher-sized bottle of drink turned up at the table which was mistakenly taken as being free.

They were eventually the winners, though, when they got the £1700 bottle for just £300, otherwise James could have been doing the washing up for quite a while!

Jam-based antics

Talk in the office this has also turned to another night coming up soon - our Christmas party! Several suggestions have been made, including a night out at Razor Ruddock's club, although we're undecided as to whether we'd survive it after his jam-based antics on the show a few weeks back! If you have any suggestions then let us know.

Rocket spent his Wednesday night carving pumpkins with his girlfriend. The Marouane Fellaini impersonator decided to take his work home with him, testing out yet another potential food challenge for the Hairy Strikers.

There's been varying success for our office teams this week. Franky Fryer saw his side win 7-2 in the County Cup with three assists from the nutty geezer and Max, Ash, Dave & Stu lost 3-1 with Stu scoring a 'Did he mean it?' goal for his side. We gave him a call and asked him if he meant it? He said: "No". That cleared that up!

We'll see you on Saturday when Rocket will be asking 'What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen?' Get involved by following us on Twitter.