Dawson's Team Mates

Last Updated: 20/10/12 12:55pm

Tottenham defender Michael Dawson spills the beans on his team-mates at White Hart Lane...

BEST TRAINER: It has to be Tom Huddlestone. He's always on the training pitch working hard - and if he's not on the training pitch he's either in the gym or in the pool doing lengths.

QUICKEST: To be fair, we've got a few; Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon, Kyle Walker... I'd like to see a race. I'm not too sure who'd come out on top though!

HARDMAN: Sandro for some of the tackles he makes. Scotty Parker as well, he'd get in the mix.

MOST SKILFUL: Probably Adebayor. He's a big guy with great feet. We saw it the other week [against Liverpool], the ball sticks to his feet so it's got to be him

BEST DANCER: There's a few in that dressing room who think they're the best dancer, but I've got to go for Adebayor.

WORST DANCER: Probably myself. The lads seem to think I dance the same whether it's eighties or R&B.

MOST INTELLIGENT: Brad Friedel knows everything

LEAST INTELLIGENT: Definitely Adam Smith, he comes out with some right corkers!

THE JOKER: Sandro. We were away and had suits on and he had his white socks on and started dancing around. That was quite entertaining!

BEST INITIATION: It's got to be Clint Dempsey. He stood up and started rapping. He could quite easily have been professional, he's that good. The lads gave him a standing ovation, it was brilliant.

AND... WHO'S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER: Definitely Aaron Lennon.