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Last Updated: 11/10/12 5:23pm

X-Factor finalists: see them on Soccer AM

This week's show promises to be all-singing and all-dancing after going to visit the X Factor contestants for a special one-off Crossbar Challenge.

"I can't believe you'd go to all the effort of cooking sausages and waste them by throwing them at her."


Quotes of the week

We won't give too much away but we reckon that they should probably stick to singing...

Contestant Rylan provided commentary on his fellow contestants' attempts and once Rocket had explained to him what the crossbar was and Stu had helped him into his Franky Fryer vest, he was ready to take up his judging role.

Tubes has also been doing some judging of his own after being on the panel of Stokes Kitchen to rule on the quality of the food produced by the Stoke Players including Michael Kightly who struggled in his chef whites.

"It tastes like chewing gum." said Tubes, tucking into a steak prepared by the winger. "No one likes to see a good steak go to waste!"

Another man who hates food waste is Rocket who found out that Lady Gaga was hurled at with sausages this week during a gig: "I can't believe you'd go to all the effort of cooking sausages and waste them by throwing them at her."

Our Fellaini impersonator will be putting in a shout to Lady Gaga's people, so expect to see her taking part in the sausage throwing challenge in Hairy Strikers soon.

James is the latest crew member to take up the presenting role on Fantiques Roadshow although he didn't have much time to prepare. He didn't find out until Tuesday morning after losing his phone whilst out at the weekend so failed to bring a change of clothes.

With very little time, he had to make a visit to Tesco to pick up some clothes to wear: "I managed to get a black t-shirt for £4!"

So if you ever need dressing on a budget, be sure to get in touch with James.

Ash and Stu decided to both have early nights on Saturday, wanting to be up as early as possible to get hold of Glastonbury tickets.

After finally getting hold of tickets, the realisation of having to spend a whole weekend in a field set in for the first-time festival goer Ash: "I'm going to try and not poo for the entire festival!"

You should really keep some things to yourself.

There were varying results for our football teams this week. James won 5-0 (made even better by the fact it was against his brother's team) and Adam and Tubes' side lost 2-1, in what Adam described as "the biggest smash and grab I've ever been involved in."

He'd like to point out they're still top of league though!

Soccer AM continues to have an effect on the goings-on in football but sadly not for good reasons this week after hearing about the sacking of friend-of-the-show Owen Coyle as Bolton manager.

We can't help but notice that the form of the Trotters has gone downhill ever since Max's trial with the club last year including a 5-0 defeat to Stoke the week of the trial, so it is only fair that Dev takes the blame for the club's poor run. We're in no doubt that Owen will be back in the game soon!

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