Cluj in words

Max takes you through his eventful day in Transylvania....

Last Updated: 04/10/12 2:10pm

Max chats with a Romanian TV presenter

Notable quotes and events from Soccer AM's Trip to Cluj.

Featuring Max, Franky Fryer & Curly...

Monday 6pm, the Wharf Pub, Manchester:

Curly - "Is Romania in Europe?"

Tuesday 3.50am, Premier Inn, Manchester:

A very tired Franky Fryer - "This seemed like a better idea on paper"

4.45am - Terminal One, Manchester Airport:

Curly: "Does anyone know how to use this camera?"

5.15am - Eperney Restaurant, Manchester airport

Max: "Cappuccino please"

Manchester United fan behind Max: "Pint of Stella and a double vodka please"

7.15am - Aeroplane

Franky Fryer: "Seriously, I don't like flying, so I might be sick"

7.30 - Aeroplane

Various Manchester United fans: "Franky, put your wig on"

Midday - Cluj, Romania

Romanian TV interviewer: "Why are you here supporting Cluj?"

Max: "We love the word Cluj"

Romanian TV interviewer: *looks confused*

1.20pm - Cluj, Romania

Franky Fryer: "Curly, we can't use that shot because the shot is completely covered by your headphones"

1.45pm - Barraca restaurant, Cluj

ITV Senior Football commentator, Clive Tyldesley: "Hi Max, do join us for lunch"

Note: During lunch, Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon pass an iPad between each other as they play scrabble.

5pm - Main Square, Cluj Romania

Drunk Romanian sings to Max: "Don't cry for me Transylvania, the truth is you never loved me"

6.30pm - Via Restaurant, Cluj Romania

Man United fan to Max: "Would you like to see my bare chest covered in Manchester United tattoos including Sir Alex's face?"

Max: "Ummm, not especially"

Man United fan: "I'll show you anyway"

8.30pm - Outside the Stadium, Cluj, Romania:

Franky Fryer: "Where are the Cheeky girls? I want the Cheeky Girls? Where are the Cheeky Girls.

Various times

Frankie Fryer: "Ooooosh"

9.45pm Kick off

Franky, Curly & Max take their Cluj shirts off.


Max feels brave and puts his Cluj shirt back on


Cluj 1-0 Manchester United.


Man United fan to Max: "Take that ******* shirt off"

Max: "Okay"


Frankie Fryer and Curly: "You shouldn't have put that shirt back on Max"

Midnight, Cluj Airport

Max buys excellent Romanian trinket for the Soccer AM table.

1.30am, Aeroplane

Max puts jumper on head and tries to sleep

1.31am until the end of the flight

Franky Fryer talks to man in the seat behind talking RIGHT INTO MAX'S EAR FOR THE WHOLE FLIGHT

4am, Arrive at Premier Inn

End of the Cluj trip

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