Surreal moments

All the antics from inside the Soccer AM office...

Last Updated: 27/09/12 5:01pm

Last week's show was one of those surreal moments that make our jobs so brilliant.

Never again will we be able to have an in depth discussion about condiments with a James Bond legend, a pop superstar and someone dressed as a fish finger. Just in case you were wondering, Jaws is a big fan of Heinz chilli sauce!

Looking ahead to this week's show, we're all looking forward to having Amir Khan on the sofa, although a few crew members were foolishly questioning the rate at which he can punch after it was claimed that he can throw five a second!

"That can't be that hard?" questioned Dev, to which Dave also agreed, "I reckon I can get eight in there easy". Maybe the lads fancy challenging Amir on Saturday. We'll have to wait and find out, although we're not hopeful!

Footwear faux pas

There were several comments aimed at Stu during Tuesday's meeting over his choice of footwear. "They look like something my Dad would wear" claimed Bobbie. Although Stu strongly disagreed, describing them as 'amazing'. "Just because JLS won't wear them, Bobbie won't wear them" argued Stu.

The luck of Soccer AM appeared to continue this week with Craig Davies bagging four goals in their 5-0 win over Birmingham on Saturday having hit the crossbar for Barnsley on Saturday' show.

It was a weekend of varied results for our office teams. Tubes and Baby Elvis' team Oxshott Royals won 5-0 however Tubes failed to make it in time for the game after celebrating Chelsea's late winner a bit too hard, throwing some good shapes on the dance floor with Lavvers on Saturday evening.

Max and Stu turned out for Polytechnics, with Dave and Ash unavailable for selection in the 4-2 loss. It was worse for Max too after he took a Robbie Savage style blow to the face leaving him with a black eye which we're hoping will be gone come Saturday morning! Stu was also left frustrated after being forced into a right back position which wasn't too happy about but the less said about it the better!

See you on Saturday!

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