Bond villains

All the antics from inside the Soccer AM office...

Last Updated: 20/09/12 2:52pm

There was great excitement in the office on Tuesday at the prospect of Richard Kiel (aka Jaws) coming on the show with a lot of James Bond fans amongst the crew - although we were shocked to discover that James and Stu had barely seen a film between them.

"When asked who The Beatles were, his response was: "They're the ones that walked across that Zebra crossing, yeah?""


Quotes of the week

Stu said he had only watched one scene from one film. "I've seen that one where he fell on the O2," he said.

James fared slightly better having seen one whole film, although he's never been known for his knowledge of British culture. When asked who The Beatles were, his response was: "They're the ones that walked across that zebra crossing, yeah?"

James was making some films of himself at the weekend, taking part in a spoof music video for his friend who's getting married at the weekend. It was done to One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'. It was filmed in various locations in Bishops Stortford but most notably in his own Hot Tub. He'll be releasing it soon so we'll be sure to post it on our Twitter!

Good Example

We're not sure what this week's musical guest Example would make of James' attempt but Dev was impressed with Example's stage antics when he went to do some 'guest research', seeing him at the iTunes festival this week. "I've never seen him live but he was brilliant!" said Dev. And we're looking forward to welcoming him back for a fourth time on Saturday.

It was a good weekend for our football teams with Ash, Dave and Max coming back from 2-0 down to win 4-2; James also won 10-1 for his side Manuden FC; and Tubes and Adam were part of an 8-1 win for Oxshott Royals with Adam getting one, making it two in two for him.

A large portion of our ideas meeting is now dedicated to the important question of which personalities should be won by our Hairy Strikers contestants with various names thrown about from the world of celebrity.

Ash's contribution this week was The Office's 'Oliver'. 'I always see him walking about my local area. I reckon I could get him.' Oliver, if you see a random person following about in London don't panic! It's just Ash!

Richard and Example will also be joined by God himself, Robbie Fowler, on Saturday. So it's shaping up to be a great show.

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