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Another mad week inside the Soccer AM office...

Last Updated: 12/09/12 2:19pm

There were a few tired eyes in the office on Tuesday morning after most of us stayed up until the early hours enjoying Andy Murray's US Open win.

Chris, however, was up late for entirely different reasons. He decided to treat his baby to a bit of really strong cheddar cheese which ensured that he was up a lot longer than he had wanted to be!

We were extremely pleased to see that Adam Lallana had been brought into the England squad and it made us wonder whether Roy had been watching the show on Saturday when we put the question to Adam about his England chances. We'd like to think that we played our part in the decision.

The crew are proving to be successful agents after Raheem Sterling also made it into the squad after his Skill Skool appearance (two years ago) as well as Clarke Carlisle signing for York shortly after his appearance on the sofas. If any players out there are looking for a club then get in touch with us!

The Southampton boys will be doing their best to help Chris out on Saturday after Dev bet him a tenner that Arsenal will take six points off them this season. The Saints head to the Emirates on Saturday and when Danny Fox heard about the bet, he promised to stop Dev from winning the money.

A few of the lads played football at the weekend, including Stu who was making his debut. However, a few eyebrows were raised when he declared that he had to leave after 50 minutes to go to a surprise party.

Tubes was also drafted into the team and they eventually won 4-1 in the searing heat which provided good preparation for when the crew hopefully take on The Vaccines after proposing a match on Saturdays show.

Speaking of parties, James was back home in Bishops Stortford on Saturday, where he was hanging out alongside singer Olly Murs who was attending a party hosted by friend Ed Drewett.

The night is a bit of a haze, but he does remember dancing with an inflatable palm tree!

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