Tuning in!

Another mad week inside the Soccer AM office...

Last Updated: 05/09/12 1:06pm

Deadline Day may have just passed but that didn't stop a few of the Soccer AM crew from making a few last-minute deals of their own with a couple of them moving into new homes.

Lisa has finally sold her house after a long wait and Dave also celebrated his move with a house-warming party - even though he moved in four months ago!

The party gave the chance for Max to test out some of his new songs on Ash and former Soccer AM crew member Trev. "It was like a scene from The Office. The songs are quite unique," Ash said.

Stu nearly got into an awkward situation on Saturday. He dashed off after the show to attend a friend's wedding and as he was running late, he arrived after everyone else had sat down.

He thought he was kindly being ushered in by a guest only to realise that the door was being held open for the bride at the last minute! It could have been especially embarrassing given the fact he was wearing a bright burgundy suit!

During Tuesday's meeting, Dev noticed how well Wayne Routledge had started the new season and couldn't help but wonder if it had been down to his appearance on the show: "He started amazingly... ever since he took Ash's shirt with him".

We're definitely taking some of the credit for his great start and hopes that his run of form continues - although Ash may want that t-shirt back very soon if he does!

Many of the boys were playing football themselves on Saturday and Dave couldn't have got off to a better start, scoring a great goal into the bottom corner for his side in a 5-2 win along with Max and Ash - who declared his fitness "very low".

Tubes played on both Saturday and Sunday - securing two draws - with Baby Elvis playing a part in Sunday's game as well.

A lot of us got quite excited on Tuesday morning after hearing Adam Richman, star of Man v Food, wanted to appear on the show. There are quite a few fans in the office and once we heard that he had tweeted Bobbie to tell him he wanted to visit Soccer AM, we were suddenly trying to come up with a challenge big enough for him to take on against the Hairy Strikers. Hopefully we'll see him on the sofas soon.

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