5ive are still alive

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Last Updated: 29/08/12 12:16pm

We are very fortunate to meet a lot of celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment in our job but none seemed to have captured the office like Scott from 5ive, with several crew members admitting to being fans.

"I was pulling out some moves on the dance floor when I just heard this rip. I could fit my head through the hole!"

Lavvers on his trouser incident

Quotes of the week

On our return to the office on Tuesday, 5ive was blaring form the office speakers with Rocket admitting he used to know the routine. "My mates and I used to sneak into 'Jacks' when I was 17 and performed the dance to 'Everybody Get Up'," he confessed.

Those of you watching on Saturday will have noticed the absence of Dev, who decided to not turn up and go to a wedding instead where he was fulfilling his best man duties. "I couldn't have been more proud of myself," he said of his speech.

He did, however, manage to find time to watch the show and his highlights were Away Days and Franky Fryer's live bit. "They were both really good," he said. A big Franky fan, are you Dev?

We also received the news this week that the Crystal Palace Cheerleaders were unveiling their new kit this week, although when Dev revealed the news that they'd got in touch with him, Ash was a bit aggrieved.

"Dev was bigging it up that he received the email but it was me and Dev who were cc'd in the message. It's clearly Dev again trying to claim credit for something he hadn't done," Ash said.

Whoever they got in touch with, we're just pleased that they'll be coming down to see us on Saturday!


There is always serious football discussion in the office and this week we've been wondering about the advantages of having a bowl shaved into your hair, and whether it would help you cradle the ball so you could run with it into the net.

The discussion began with Tubes wondering whether or not players were allowed to lie down in front of a wall to prevent encroachment, which quickly escalated to the subject of bowl haircuts and the advantage that players such as Fellaini could potentially have.

If you have any of the answers to these questions then let us know!

Away from the office, Lavvers had an embarrassing Sunday when his trousers split whilst out for the Bank Holiday weekend with Bobbie.

"I was pulling out some moves on the dance floor when I just heard this rip," he said. "I could fit my head through the hole!"

He'll need to make sure he has stronger trousers for this year's dance-off!

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We'll see you on Saturday.