Munich on the mind

Tubes' nerves are jangling ahead of the big game

Last Updated: 16/05/12 3:32pm

It's the final show of the season this Saturday and as a special treat you can watch us in 3D!

"We're in 3D this Saturday. It'll be like I'm in your living room! Lucky you! "


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It'll be like I'm in your living room! Lucky you!

It's the first time we've been in 3D and I reckon it's going to look amazing with balls flying everywhere in the car park game, our special soccerette, a basketball v football Skill Skool and Professor Green singing with Kammy!

Of course we'll be chatting about the Champions League final on the show too. I'm so nervous about that game! I'm predicting a 2-1 win for Chelsea, although that's more out of hope than anything.

It's such a shame that we're going to be missing so many key players through bookings, though. I think it really takes something away from one of the biggest games in the world when half of the best players on each team are missing because of a couple of fouls in the earlier rounds. Ramires is going to be a massive miss for us. He's been my favourite player this year but because he got a yellow card in each of the semi-final legs with Barcelona he won't be there. I know it's the rules but I don't agree with it.

It should still be an interesting game, though and hopefully an exciting final. Fingers crossed we can do it. I'm just hoping Robben doesn't come back to haunt us. I was gutted when he left Chelsea and he's going to be a big threat on Saturday night. Robben and Ribery are the ones we've got to stop.

Moscow misery

Unfortunately I can't be there because I'll be working on the show - but then again my last trip to the Champions League final wasn't the best! That night in Moscow when we lost to Manchester United was one of the worst of my life. It was cold, freezing, wet, we lost on penalties and then after the game we put on a bus and some bloke was sick, and it was madness at the airport too. Absolute nightmare!

I don't know where I'll be watching it this time. Max has organised our end of season do that night in London. Normally when we have big games like this I'm there so I'm a bit lost as to where to watch it. If you've got any suggestions I'm all ears!

Hopefully it'll be as exciting as the finish to the Premier League season. I think that was the best end to a season ever. It was crazy.

I think it's good for the league that Man City managed to do it, though. It's good to have a new name on the trophy and the Premier League will be even more competitive next season because of that.

But next season feels like a long way away at the moment. I'm off to Mexico next week and I've got a golf holiday booked with the boys to look forward to this summer. And then there's the Euros too. Hopefully Roy can work his magic. But at the moment I can't really look past the Champions League final on Saturday night. It's dominating my thoughts! I'll start worrying about how England will do at the Euros after that!