The grand finale

Getting ready for the last show of the season

Last Updated: 18/05/12 10:12am

Frankie at the Allianz!

It's the last show of the season on Saturday and we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited.

"On Saturday there's tonnes to look forward to, including us in 3D for the first time ever! "

Soccer AM

Quotes of the week

The ridiculously broad smiles are a dead giveaway, but then when you've got the whole summer off it's hard to look glum!

Better still it's a summer full of football with the Euros just around the corner and everyone's been plotting where they'll be watching it, especially after the greatest Premier League finale ever!

Needless to say the two Manchester clubs dominated the early week conversation with everyone revealing how they saw the most dramatic title race in living memory unfold. United 'fan' Rocket was put in the awkward situation of having to watch it with his City supporting girlfriend, but he was bizarrely more excited than gutted after coming out on the losing end!

"We had both matches going at the same time on two laptops! It was amazing!"

It was an amazing end to an incredible season, only let down by the City fans walking out before the final whistle.

Regular viewers will know it's probably Soccer AM's biggest pet peeve and James had little sympathy for those who left and then couldn't get back in for the celebrations!

"I can't remember where I saw this but there was a quote which said something like 'You've waited 44 years to see your team win a league title and you couldn't hang on for four more minutes' and it's so true."

Meanwhile, Trev was just as angry about the amount of people crying in the stands with only 65 minutes gone on the clock.

"What's all this crying about, especially when there's so much time left," he said. "You should surely be getting behind your team.

"This is the problem with society, everywhere you look on TV someone's crying and it shouldn't be allowed. If you cry on X Factor or whatever, you should be automatically banned from the show!"

Note to self... never cry in front of Trev!

Plans for Saturday

Title chat and crying aside, we have been preparing for this week's show, although most of our ideas have revolved around stitching each other up!

With little chance of any comeback it's clear everyone is feeling a bit braver, and Trev in particular has come in for some rough treatment.

"We should get dressed up in his Hammers gear and make him spend the whole of the show in the car park blowing bubbles because of the play-off final," was Dev's idea!

While Baby Elvis was also quick to get in the act, but chose Tubes as his target...

"Well Professor Green is on this week and from what I can remember him and Tubes got into a rap battle last time... I reckon we should get them to face-off again!"

With friends like these...

Anyway, we're sure we'll all patch things up in time to put on a great finale for you on Saturday and there's tonnes to look forward to, including us in 3D for the first time ever!

Don't miss it!