A year to remember!

Max reflects on the season's highs and lows

Last Updated: 16/05/12 11:16am

One show left and it's the summer holidays. I would write something about Man City and the most amazing afternoon of football for a long time, but I can't think of anything that hasn't already been written - apart from I may stop writing sarcastic tweets given the number of people who genuinely thought I was watching Columbo at 4.40pm on Sunday afternoon. Anyway - well done to Man City.

Instead it seems a sensible time to do an end of season review:


Rock of Ages - Justin Lee Collins came on the show. As I like to do, I asked if we could be in it. Amazingly he said yes, so Helen and I spent a day putting make up on, dressing up in skinny jeans and dancing the finale (well 15 seconds) of it. Amazing! What you might not have seen is me, on stage singing Whitesnake. My electric guitar debut. The 1500 strong audience were standing already, buy they didn't sit down. So I'm counting it as a standing ovation.

The Genk bus - I'm not quite sure how the Genk bus happened. I come up with a lot of ideas. Generally someone in the office smiles politely and then files them away somewhere. So when I said let's get a bus and drive to Belgium, I didn't really think anyone would agree. I guess it's thanks to Twitter - i.e. you. Those with enough time on their hands to follow me got behind it, and even started supporting Genk! It's your fault there's footage of me dancing at half time with two beers in my hand. But genuinely it was a great game. Genk held Chelsea and could have won it. And the Genk fans were amazing. We got double page spreads in Belgian newspapers and questions asked about the Genkbus during Champions League press conferences. Maybe next year we'll have the Copenhagen Catamaran!

Barry from Eastenders: - You all saw the mix up on the telly, but you didn't see the day before: Chris running into the office, white as a sheet, taking the boss aside to explain nervously that instead of Shaun Goater he'd booked Shaun Williamson. The boss came over to me and Helen in hysterics. There then followed a short discussion about whether we tried to find a footballer or just stick with Barry. We stuck with Barry, as probably only Soccer AM could do. And he was brilliant.


The Marine assault course - Question in the office: "Max, do you want to do the marine assault course?" Me: "I guess so". I didn't know what that really meant. I certainly didn't think about how difficult it is to do an assault course carrying a massive back pack and a gun. I think it might have been the only time I (very briefly) lost my sense of humour this season. It hurt. I was wet. I couldn't climb a bloody six foot wall.

The start of the six pack challenge - Two weeks into it, during the Friday meeting I almost had a meltdown. No carbs, no sugar, nothing. I was drinking a black coffee, Helen put a tub of jelly babies in the middle of the meeting. I was week, tired, and broken. I needed sugar. Over the weeks, I got to grips with it, and bizarrely now have a film of Dec from Ant and Dec (the real one) filming me having my chest waxed. That's something I never expected would happen.

Other moments of note:

Trev dressed as a penguin, Trev and the dance off, Tubes getting Eric Cantona to do that thing with his face, Cheese, using Latin to beat Noel Gallagher in an argument, playing football against Teddy Sheringham and Paolo Di Canio. Mel B leaving in an ad break, while Dev desperately tried to get her to stay, while at the same time wearing a pineapple on his head. Jason Byrne telling Chris Sutton his heart must only beat once a year...

The summer:

Hopefully, by the time we get back, Cambridge United will have plans for a new stadium, Bayern will win the Champions League and Spurs will be in it, Rocket will have learnt how to use an iPad and England will be European Champions. I think signing Gary Neville is a great move for England. He's a down to earth decent bloke, and has been brilliant for Sky on Monday Night Football this season. And he knows the players and knows what it's like to be a player at a major championship. That can only help. Finger's crossed.

Anyway, enjoy the last show, have a good summer, and see you in August...