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Actors excited by new series, but not their teams' fortunes

Last Updated: 12/05/12 3:56pm

He might be the great nephew of Manchester United legend Sir Matt Busby, but Brendan Coyle was happy to praise bitter rivals Manchester City when he popped by the Soccer AM studios.

"We lost 5-1 to the Albion and then sacked the manager, and then put a bloke in charge who has never managed and always looked as though he was going to cry!"

Steve Edge

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The Downton Abbey actor stars in Sky 1's new comedy drama Starlings, but while his career appears to be going from strength to strength the same cannot be said for United's season.

The Premier League champions looked certain to claim their 20th league title four weeks ago, but dropped eight points in four matches to hand Roberto Mancini's men the initiative going into the final game of the season.

A victory against Queens Park Rangers will see City claim their first title in 44 years, and while Coyle believes there is still a glimmer of hope for United who travel to Sunderland, he thinks it will be the blue half of Manchester celebrating on Sunday evening.

"I think City are going to win it on goal difference," he said.

"Fair play they have been fantastic this season, especially early on and they've played amazing football.

"I think they've been the best team in the Premier League this season, but we could still do it. Mark Hughes could do something for us and QPR could do something."


Coyle was joined on the sofa by co-star and co-writer of Starlings, Steve Edge, who spent the season watching his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers batting it out at the other end of the table before being relegated.

Manager Mick McCarthy was sacked with 13 games to go and replaced by his assistant Terry Connor, but Edge insists the club got the timing of the decision wrong.

He said: "We lost 5-1 to the Albion and then sacked the manager and then put a bloke in charge who has never managed and always looked as though he was going to cry!"

"I mean Terry Connor - god love him you just want to give him a hug. But you don't want him to manage your club!"

"I think [McCarthy] took us far as he was going to, but I think it should've been done at the start of the season because you could see where it was going to go already.

"You can do stats about anything and go 'well they hadn't won for 10 games' but in those last 10 games [McCarthy was in charge] I think we drew away against Arsenal, drew away at Spurs so he hadn't done that bad."

As well as talking about their respective team the boys told Helen and Max what we should expect from Starlings, which airs for the first time on Sunday night.

To hear what they had to say about the series and more, check out the video at the top of the page.