One down, one to go!

Beating Bayern in Munich is no easy task, says Tubes

Last Updated: 16/05/12 3:30pm

It's been a tough season for Chelsea but lifting the FA Cup on Saturday at Wembley felt pretty damn sweet, and I'm still hopeful it won't be the only piece of silverware we pick up this year.

"It looks like he's banking on winning the Champions League final to qualify for the competition next season and that's a pretty big gamble in my eyes."


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It's a good thing I don't have a fear of heights because we were high up in the Wembley heavens, but I was happy to be inside the stadium because the atmosphere was electric.

The Liverpool fans were great at the start but naturally they quietened down a bit when Didier Drogba slotted in the second. It wasn't the best of games in truth, but only neutrals worry about the quality of the game in a final.

And the celebrations at full-time more than made up for it. There's nothing better as a Chelsea fan than hearing 40,000-odd people singing along to One Step Beyond. It was something else.

Unfortunately it was followed up by a pretty disappointing performance against Liverpool in the league on Tuesday night.

I'm a massive fan of Roberto Di Matteo and I really hope he gets the manager's job on a full-time basis, but I have to say I was really surprised with the number of changes he made to the team at Anfield and it massively backfired.

It looks like he's banking on winning the Champions League final to qualify for the competition next season and that's a pretty big gamble in my eyes. Having to beat Bayern Munich in their own country, on their own ground, in front of their own fans is a massive ask, so I'm not sure making the amount of changes to the team was the most sensible thing to do.

In my opinion, he should have played his full strength team against Liverpool and then looked to rest a few players against Blackburn.

I guess if we beat Munich on May 19 he will be vindicated, but it's not going to be easy, that's for sure.

Play-off final

As for work this week, I haven't had any junkets yet but I am heading off to meet Dean Windass.

He's play-off final goal for Hull back in 2008 was something else and will go down as one of the greatest moments in the club's history.

They reckon the play-off final is worth about £90 million to the team that wins so you can understand why he's a legend in the town.

West Ham or Blackpool will be hoping they've got a hero within their ranks next Saturday who can help them bounce back in to the Premier League at the first time of asking, and £90 million isn't a bad incentive either!

Having been there and done it, I'll be getting Deano's thoughts on the final and I'm sure he'll have a great insight.

Work aside, and we've only got two shows left, so I've been busy planning my summer holidays!

So far I've booked a trip to Mexico for me and my girlfriend and then I'm off on a golfing holiday to Spain with my brother 'Big Ange'!

Bring on the good times!