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The crew catch the X Factor bug

Last Updated: 05/10/11 11:27am

Joey Barton reckons he's slowly getting addicted to X Factor and he's worried it's ruining his street cred. Well Joey, you're in good company... or is it bad!?

"I ended up watching Steps the Reunion for some reason! I don't know how that got on my TV!"


Quotes of the week

As ever, Tuesday's meeting started with the crew regaling stories of their weekend, and it turns out half the office spent at least some part of it watching wannabe pop stars prancing around on stage, while 'experts' judged them - not that anyone was willing to admit it at first!

Trev was the first to take the plunge when he revealed he had 'watched a bit' because his "housemate" wanted to 'catch-up with what was going on'. Yeah right we thought!

Needless to say the 'Trev in X Factor shocker' headlines were being readied, before it quickly became apparent that pretty much everyone who was laughing at him had watched it as well!

Including Rocket and James who both admitted - albeit in hushed tones - that not only did they watch it, but they enjoyed it, too!

But after appearing to dodge a bullet, Trev didn't do himself any favours by adding he then flicked over to watch "Animals Do the Funniest Things"!

Maybe all this sharing has some sort of therapeutic value because before we knew what was going on everyone was revealing embarrassing stuff!

"I ended up watching Steps the Reunion for some reason!" said Chris. "I don't how that got on my TV!" We better get Columbo on the case!


Questionable TV aside, and we were all quite taken aback by Jodie Marsh's new look.

The former glamour model has transformed herself into a bodybuilder, and the before and after pictures with her all bronzed up are pretty amazing.

"Looks like she's been using the same tinted moisturiser as Baby Elvis!" pointed out Rocket.

Nothing was going to get Baby Elvis down this week though, not even a cheap (very funny) comment like that from Rocket, after his beloved Tottenham came out on top in the North London derby.

Naturally the Gooners in the office were less than pleased with the events at White Hart Lane... well the ones that bothered to watch, eh Dev!

Fresh after his 45-minute run (or 30 seconds if some reports are to be believed) around the car park on Saturday morning to test out the new Barcelona shirt, 'Mr Part Five' opted to go to Ikea instead.

Why anyone would choose to go to Ikea on a weekend is beyond us, but to do it when the team you've supported all your life are playing their fiercest rivals is surely unacceptable!

"I still haven't seen it," he told us. "I haven't got a TV or any furniture in my new place so I had to go."

And the real reason?

"Alright, and I was kind of avoiding it as well."

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