The first casualty

Man-flu and a Brucie bonus... it's the talk of the office!

Last Updated: 14/09/11 10:23am

You know summer is officially over when you get your first man-flu casualty of the season!

"I'd go mental if someone tried to flick my ears! I hate it when people do that. I'm really sensitive around my whole head area."


Quotes of the week

Rocket is the first member of the crew to be struck down this season after he failed to make it into the office on Tuesday. But his absence might not be just down to illness!

Along with Baby Elvis and Bobbie, he was responsible for one of three mistakes on Saturday's show and we all know what that means... Take One For The Team!

Baby Elvis' stats in his Away Days' piece have been questioned by a couple of Stoke fans on Twitter, while both Bobbie and Rocket were guilty of spelling mistakes... tut tut tut!

Still on the bright side it took us five weeks before a serious mistake crept into the show, and that has to be some kind of record!

We're not sure if any, or all of them will have to put their backsides on the line yet, but sometimes the threat is worse than the actual punishment!


Mistakes aside, it been a fairly quiet few days for most of us, but we have made some observations over the last week or so.

Observations number one: Disco Dave looks like a young Sir Bruce Forsyth!

In fairness to Dave he looks like a very, very, very, very young Sir Brucie, but there is an uncanny resemblance!

Trev made the connection and didn't waste any time letting the rest of us know, but Dave was more than happy to accept the comparison:

"To be fair it's exactly what I'm going to look like when I'm older."

If he looks half as good Sir Brucie when he's 82 that would be a bonus!

Observation number two: Ear flicking might be a way of boosting morale at Liverpool, but it wouldn't work in our office!

Reds fans have spotted their players flicking each other's ears at the end of games and right-back Martin Kelly has revealed it's a game all the players get involved with.

He reckons it shows the togetherness of the squad, but Bobbie made it clear it's not something he would be up for.

"I'd go mental if someone tried to flick my ears! I hate it when people do that. I'm really sensitive around my whole head area."

Note to everyone; do NOT flick Bob's ears...

Our third and final observation: Paul McGrath hasn't got the worst singing voice in the world, even if he does spend a lot of time in his video standing on a pebble-free beach throwing pebbles into the sea!

The Manchester United and Aston Villa legend has embarked on a music career with a cover of the Byrds' track Goin' Back, and his fans are loving it on YouTube.

We'll let you make up your own minds...

See you on Saturday!