Georgie boxes clever

Sky Sports News presenter swaps desk for sofa

Last Updated: 28/12/10 9:21am

Georgie Thompson's box has been a feature of this season's show, but she says she hopes it doesn't return next year!

The beautiful Sky Sports News presenter steals the show on a weekly basis in our 'I'm an A League Celebrity' sketch and she wowed the audience once again with her appearance on the orange sofas on Christmas Day.

But despite being described by Max as 'part of the team' Georgie was less than convinced.

"Am I though? Or am I just something to be mocked and laughed at Max?" she asked.

Naturally Max alleviated these 'fears' but was still left feeling slightly red-faced.

"I'm more than embarrassed by this moment!" she said. "But I'll take it as a compliment!"


When she's not entertaining Soccer AM viewers, Georgie can be seen anchoring the flagship programmes Afternoon Update and Evening Report.

Having first appeared behind the famous Sky Sports News desk in June 2001, Georgie has broken some of the biggest stories of the decade, and she admitted she loves nothing more than delivering news to those watching at home.

"I get really over-excited and then I just want to tell everyone really, really quickly," she said.

"But then you have to rein yourself in and make sure you do it in a succinct and clever way.

"Most recently it was that Russia, instead of us, had got the 2018 World Cup. That was a big story because up until the moment it was announced, we were convinced that we were really in the running for it.

"The bookies had dropped all the odds and we thought 'we're going to get it'. And then in my ear, like you guys, I hear 'no we've gone in the first round stage.'

"And Jim (White) was busy yakking away and I thought 'I can't believe this. If I get this wrong I've really stuffed up on a big story', but no we had gone out in the first round and that was that."


As well as appearances on Soccer AM, Georgie has recently branched out into the world of comedy as a permanent panellist on Sky One's A League of Their Own.

But as her career goes from strength to strength she revealed that even she is not immune to making mistakes!

She said: "Quite early on I thought I've really got to try and prove myself up here and do something so that people will say 'she knows what she's doing, she knows what she's talking about and she's got some good contacts'.

"And then someone called me up, a particular contact who will remain nameless, to tell me the starting XI of an England team playing at Wembley and it was completely wrong! Embarrassingly wrong!

"And I went with it, thought I was really clever, and convinced the whole production crew (to go with it too). And then there was a moment where I thought 'oh god this is a nightmare I've now got to try and rebuild some bridges', because lots of people got told off that particular evening!"