Tekkers vs. Silks - the big debate!

Where do you stand?

Last Updated: 26/08/10 4:21pm

Forget Mikel Arteta for England, forget player power, even forget goal-line technology - the big debate in football right now is about three words - tekkers or silks!

Those of you who follow the show will know by now that some tekkers are good, some tekkers are bad... but some tekkers are unbelievable!

Each week we highlight these unbelievable examples of technique and praise the players who have the ability to produce them at the highest level.

We like tekkers. It does exactly what it says on the sting and we'd even go as far as to say that it could be the new bouncebackabilty!

Unfortunately not everyone is a fan!

England captain Rio Ferdinand has been doing his best to introduce the word silks in place of tekkers.

The Manchester United star has been furiously tweeting everyone and his dog including our Sky Sports colleague Ben Shephard about replacing tekkers.

But now we want your view! Is Rio (who famously did his best to replace Punk'd with Merk'd) right? Or is it tekkers 'til you die!?

Let us know by voting in our poll on the right and by leaving your comments below.

Which word do you prefer to describe unbelievable technique?

  • Tekkers
  • Silks