Team Mates - England

Last Updated: 08/06/10 12:09pm

Every week Soccer AM asks players and former pros to dish the dirt on their team-mates.

And on the final show of the season, England captain Rio Ferdinand and striker Peter Crouch told us what the England dressing room is like behind the scenes...

Rio Ferdinand: Jermain Defoe's up there. In small-sided games, he's a good finisher.
Peter Crouch: Frank Lampard maybe of all the boys. At Chelsea he's worked at his game a hell of a lot and it's the same with England.

PC: Wazza likes a moan. I think Wayne Rooney and maybe Rio, certainly in the training ground games. He's arguing with referees in training about decisions. I'd go for Rio actually.
RF: Me. I'm probably the biggest moaner in training along with Wayne Rooney. He moans about everything. Two peas in a pod really...

PC: Stevie G. We've got a few tough characters in the changing room.
RF: I've seen Jamo (David James) pick up a fool, a fully grown man, by his ankles. So I'd put him up there. It was Ian Wright actually... he picked up Ian Wright on the coach years ago with the England squad.

Aaron Lennon I think, when he's fit. I don't think many people get close to him, he's very fast.
RF: Aaron Lennon and Theo Walcott as well. The two of them are both quick lads. Stopping and starting Aaron wins it all day, but Theo just glides across the floor. They're two quick lads.

Most skilful apart from myself...?
PC: Joe Cole when he's fit. Obviously he's been missing for a while through injury, but I'd definitely say Joe Cole's up there as one of the most skilful in the squad.
RF: Wazza's probably up there as well. Stevie's got some smart skills, so them two.

RF: Based on results at school I'd probably say Frank. He got A*'s and things. I didn't know what an A* was until I was about 24 and someone told me about them. He got an A* in English Literature or something like that so he's got to be up there. Jamo's quite intelligent, or so he'd have us believe.
PC: Rob Green comes across quite intelligent, but I'd like to give it to Jamo. I think he deserves it.

RF: Ashley Cole. He'll phone someone to fix anything. If something's gone wrong he doesn't have a clue. And I remember Joe Cole when he was at West Ham. So the Coles, there's something in it; the Coles.
PC: We're quite an intellectual bunch to be honest. We're always discussing politics and various topics in the England changing rooms. We're all quite bright I'd say.

I'll go for Greeny, Rob Green, only because of a couple of his pairs of shoes. With the England suit obviously we can't do much; we wear a lot of tracksuits and England team attire. But his shoes were rascal so I'll go with Rob Green.
RF: Rob Green's up there, I don't think he's too bothered about how he looks in his gear. And Jamo as well, he's not bothered. Jamo's jeans and trousers are swinging, he's not really that arsed.

I'd say Aaron Lennon. He's usually in there a while.
RF: Hands down... Wayne Rooney.