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Last Updated: 26/01/08 6:16pm

Griffiths: a red for life

Shameless stars Aaron McCusker and Ciaran Griffiths dropped into the studio to talk about the new series of the show and of course their beloved football teams.

"I've been to Maine Road a few times as a kid with my mum, but I don't go anymore, it's just strictly Old Trafford now."

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Griffith's and McCusker, who play brothers Jamie and Mickey Maguire in the critically acclaimed comedy drama, support Manchester United and Liverpool respectively, but if it wasn't for his friends Griffiths admitted, he may have ended up supporting United's rivals Manchester City.

Born just a stones throw away from Maine Road, the former home of Manchester City, Griffiths revealed he would often go to watch City play with his mum, but the influence of his friends convinced him to swap allegiances.

"I was born just down the road from where Maine Road was but I thought if all my mates are doing it, I'll have a go," he said.

"I've been to Maine Road a few times as a kid with my mum, but I don't go anymore, it's just strictly Old Trafford now."

Like any two good friends the pair admitted there is a healthy rivalry between them especially when Liverpool and Manchester United play each other.

"Before we beat Liverpool this season he was caning me", said Griffiths. 'He was saying 'I can't wait until we play you and I'm going to phone you up' and all this, and then we won 1-0 with a Tevez goal."

"I didn't even text him or anything I just waited for him to text me and say I'm really sorry, which he did. He took it pretty well to be fair."

As well as being a Liverpool fan McCusker revealed he also followed a team north of the border in the form of Celtic, but it all could have gone so wrong when he went to watch his beloved green and white hoops against Manchester United in last seasons Champions League.

"We couldn't get tickets for the Celtic end so we had to sit in the family bit", he said. "Celtic scored first and I jumped up and went mad! But I got away with it because United won 3-2 in the end."

Real estate

Shameless, which is in it's fifth season now, is set in the fictional Chatsworth Estate and centers on the lives of a dysfunctional family called the Gallaghers.

In 2005 it won the Best Drama Series category at the British Academy Television Awards, the most prestigious awards given in the British television industry.

The show had previously been filmed on a real Estate, but after a number of incidents involving residents, producers decided to create a set for the show instead.

"You'd get some really mad ones," said McCusker. They'd come up to you and tell you to 'do one' and get off their estate and they'd be asking for protection money and stuff!"

"I think one of the caterers got knocked out by one of the kids because he wouldn't give him something as well!"