Last Updated: 15/08/14 5:45pm

Max: acting up?

Name Max Rushden

Job title Presenter

What does that entail? Sitting, talking, interrupting guests with occasionally successful one-liners

Years of service 6

Twitter account... @maxrushden

I support... Cambridge United. 

Favourite footballer (past or present) Michael Cheetham, Teddy Sheringham

Favourite non-footballing sportsperson Costantino Rocca

Favourite song Ever? Umm...changes everyday. Today - Vampire Weekend, Step

Favourite album Now 12

Favoutire food Meatballs

Favourite drink Coffee

Hope for the season Consolidate my place in the squad, maybe make the play-offs


Quickest On the pitch, Dave

Slowest On the pitch, Curly

First to work Rob

Last to work Dev

Biggest joker Rocket

Best singer I think Curly can hold a tune. The bar is not high. 

Best haircut Stu

Worst haircut Stu

Worst singer When Helen says me, she doesn't understand the emotion that comes with the gravelly tone 

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? I love a supermarket. So many things.