Last Updated: 20/08/14 3:22pm

Bobbie: Gooner through and through

Name Bobbie Chahal

Job title Assistant Producer

What does that entail? Creating little bits of TV Gold

Years of service 5 Years

Twitter account... @BobbieSoccerAM

I support... The Mighty Arsenal

Favourite football ground Goals Soccer Centres - Osterley

Favourite band Queen

Favourite TV show Family Guy/ Come Dine With Me

Favourite film Anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger

My ambition in life To eat an entire box of Krispy Kremes in under 10 minutes

Sum yourself up in a tweetI'm Hungry


Most intelligent Rushden - He uses big words innit

Least intelligent Most of the team can't spell 'intelligent'

Biggest moaner Devlin - Hypochondriac, workshy, wiener....I mean whiner

Hardman Scott - Officially an amateur boxer I'll have you know.

Best dress sense Lisa and James - They model the Soccer AM tees.

Worst dress sense Franky Fryer - Loves a blue jumper/polo/shirt/tee/hoody/jacket.

Best dancer Devlin - He has Bare Riddim

Worst dancer Stu - Have a look at his Dance-off performance. Says it all.

Worst taste in music James - sings One Direction at his desk. True story.

And finally... who's the longest in the make-up room? Rocket - forehead and Franky Fryer - fake tan and hair straighteners.


Who will win...?

Premier League: Chelsea

Championship: QPR

League One: Brentford

League Two: Portsmouth

Champions League: Real Madrid

Europa League: FC Sheriff

FA Cup: Man City

Capital One Cup: Arsenal

PFA Player of the Year:

World Cup: Belgium

The Dance Off: Tubes