Last Updated: 20/09/13 10:46am

Helen: loves her chickens

Name Hells Bells

Job title Sofa Loafer

What does that entail Trying to limit myself to four donuts during commercial breaks in the show.

Years of service 18 and yet to get a testimonial

Twitter account @hellsbellsy - but don't ask me to retweet, no one reads them.

I support MartinLingsYellowBlueArmy

Favourite player: Kev Nicholson. Solid. Reliable. Drives an Aston Yaris.

The best match I ever saw Conference Play-Off final at Wembley. Torquay 2 (Sills, Hargreaves) Cambridge 0. Max, Crying.

Favourite Soccer AM guest Mr T is hard to beat...

Dream Soccer AM guest Sir Alex Ferguson taking on the boiled egg challenge in Hairy Strikers.

Favourite Soccer AM moment ever Impossible to say, impossible... so many!


Best footballer Tubes

Worst footballer Max, it's not, but that will really wound him.

Best actor Disco Dave

Worst actor I couldn't possibly say. Max

Party animal Bar: Tubes. Dance floor: Lavvers.

King of banter Franky Fryer

Most likely to win Olympic gold If there was an Olympic gold for assembling 3rd Eye clips and presenting them to 3rd Eye club on a Friday Bobby would win the MDF medal.

Most likely to win this year's Dance Off Let the music begin.