Franky Fryer

Last Updated: 20/08/13 3:47pm

Adam: loves playin' away

Name Franky Fryer

Job title Nutty Geezer

What does that entail? Producing and Presenting the "Away Days" and "Inside Football" features on the show

Years of service 8 years full time

Twitter account... @FrankySoccerAM

I support... The Mighty Spurs (season ticket holder)

Favourite football ground Saarenkylän tekonurmi Stadium in Lapland, home of the mighty FC Santa Claus

Favourite band Madness / Oasis

Favourite TV show Only Fools and Horses

Favourite film Shawshank Redemption / The Departed / Goodfellas

My ambition in life To not have to fill this in next year cause it's a proper hassle.

Sum yourself up in a tweetOOSH


Most intelligent Max because he went to Oxford and enjoys reading Novels in his spare time.

Least intelligent James by a country mile. He once thought 'Euthanasia' referred to the Youth In Asia - true story!

Biggest moaner Lisa - Oi Oi

Hardman Lavvers - the only crew member who's had an Amateur Boxing Fight, he only lost by 1 point as well. Fair play Legs!

Best dress sense Helen cause she always looks FIT. Proper Naughty Little Treacle!

Worst dress sense This has got nothing to do with clothes but last year Dev sold his Arsenal Season Ticket so he could buy a painting for his flat! Feel free to hammer him on twitter @DevSoccerAM

Best dancer I think the Dance Off Proves that none of us can actually dance

Worst dancer Bobbie -a dead cert to be beaten by "Don't Care" in the Dance Off every year

Worst taste in music Dev

And finally... who's the longest in the make-up room? Rocket spends all morning in that make up chair. He loves it!


Who will win...?

Premier League: Chelsea

Championship: QPR

League One: Wolves

League Two: Fleetwood

Champions League: Barcelona

Europa League: Aint Got a Scooby!

FA Cup: Man Utd

Capital One Cup: Spurs

PFA Player of the Year: Bale if he's still in the Prem, if he's not then RVP

World Cup: Brazil

The Dance Off: Tubes