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Rocket: would love to meet Dick and Dom

Name Rocket Long

Job title Presenter/Comedy Writer and Head of Social Media

What does that entail? Turning up on a Saturday morning

Years of service 15! Man and Boy.

Twitter account... @RocketSoccerAM

I support... Man Utd and all my local teams to make up for it.

Favourite football ground Camberley Town FC

Favourite band The Sparrow Hawks (still touring!)

Favourite TV show Soccer Am Best Bits (if I'm on it) or First Dates

Favourite film Borrowers

My ambition in life Get Tall or Die Trying.

Sum yourself up in a tweet My Spalling and pucktuation isn't very god?


Most intelligent Max

Least intelligent Max, he's book smart not street smart.

Biggest moaner Probably me! Can I leave it there? This questionnaire's taking ages!

Hardman Lavers, the only one to take a beating in the ring.

Best dress sense Bobby always makes an effort

Worst dress sense Max! Although luckily we have a lady who comes in and dresses him.

Best dancer Well I don't wanna blow my own trumpet.

Worst dancer Max when he's in the student unions, he's 42!

Worst taste in music Adam. All he listens to is Chaz and Dave.

And finally... who's the longest in the make-up room? Lisa.


Who will win...?

Premier League: Man Utd

Championship: Watford

League One: Brentford

League Two: Pompey

Champions League: Barca

Europa League: Spurs

FA Cup: Man Utd

Capital One Cup: Man Utd

PFA Player of the Year: Robin Van Persie

World Cup: England

The Dance Off: New boy Jamie