Last Updated: 14/10/14 4:34pm


Name Dave

Job title: Producer.

What does that entail: trying to keep the office from turning into a 24 hour banter party.

Years of service: 9.

Twitter account: @DaveSoccerAm

I support… Bristol City.

Favourite footballer (past or present): Brian Tinnion, his 94 goals at Anfield in the Ribena kit is legendary. Great to see it back this season!

Favourite non-footballing sportsperson: Eddie the Eagle Edwards – ski jump king!

Favourite song: Hey Mona by Craig MacLachlan.

Favourite album: Reef – Glow. I’m a surfer hippy at heart.

Favourite food: Fig rolls, but weirdly I hate figs.

Favourite drink: Tea – I literally drink 10 a day.

Hope for the season… that Craig MacLachlan brings out a new album collaborating with Eddie the Eagle.


Quickest: James because he lives miles away in Hertfordshire somewhere, he’s got to be.

Slowest: Lisa – those 8 inch heels don’t help to be fair.

First to work: Bobbie, to be fair he does live next door – literally!

Last to work: Ash – he’s like a naughty schoolboy dragging his heels, exactly the same as when he’s on a football pitch.

Biggest joker: Adam – full of bantz every day – but his mate Franky is funnier.

Best singer: Scott, I’ve never heard him sing but his dancing is so good he must be a singer too.

Best haircut: Stu – because I expect everyone else put him as worst – I actually quite like it – Paul Weller does want it back though.

Worst haircut: Dev because he is always wearing a Balotelli or Chamakh wig.

Worst singer: Tubes, he can only really do gangsta rap

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? Rocket is always there buying orange squash.