Chris Eubank, Jr talks his famous father and James DeGale on Ringside

Last Updated: 07/02/13 10:44pm

Chris Eubank, Jr told Ringside that James DeGale is "ignorant" and that he will "expose" the Olympic gold medallist if they meet in the ring.

The 23-year-old middleweight, who has won each of his nine professional bouts, says he got the better of DeGale when they locked horns in the latter's training facility.

And Eubank admits that the southpaw's "angry" reaction to the tussle has left him wanting to continue their rivalry in a sanctioned match, whether that be at his preferred weight or DeGale's.

"I've got that royal blood coursing through my veins and it's in my DNA to be how my dad was."

Chris Eubank, Jr

"He is ignorant," Eubank said of DeGale, who topped the medal rostrum at the Beijing Games in 2008. "I went to his gym and stayed on top of him for eight rounds and dealt with him.

"I wouldn't usually tell people that but he was rude to me and told me to get out of his gym as he was angry I had beaten him up in front of his dad and gym mates.

"Whether I go up to super-middleweight or he comes down to middleweight, (a fight) will happen and he is going to get exposed."


The Hove-born puncher is the son of erstwhile middleweight and super-middleweight world champion Chris Eubank, but he says his dad's superstar status is helping him to become a better boxer, not holding him back.

"People say there must be a lot of pressure trying to live up to your father's name and have people talking about you," said Eubank. "But I don't see it as a pressure.

"I see it as a positive; I know all eyes are on me and that people are expecting things from me, but it makes me work harder in the gym and fight harder when I get in the ring."

Eubank says he has gleaned plenty from witnessing his father fight and grafting with him in training, as well as sparring with some of Britain's leading boxing lights, and hopes to end the year with gold around his waist.

"I've got that royal blood coursing through my veins and it's in my DNA to be how (Eubank, Sr) was," he added. "I've grown up watching him fight and having him in the gym with me and stuff is obviously going to rub off.

"I've also been sparring with top fighters like Nathan Cleverly, David Haye, and George Groves and you are going to learn a lot from these guys as they are at the top of their game.

"In 2013 we are looking to up the opponents and probably come away with a title towards the end of the year. Everything will come to fruition and I will turn any doubters into believers."