Chris Eubank Snr says son is 'different' but will repeat his success in ring

Last Updated: 11/01/13 11:05am

Chris Eubank Jnr is a chip off the old world champion's block... and then some.

That was the verdict from Chris Senior who was adamant that his son will follow in the family footsteps and become one of British boxing's biggest successes.

Eubank Jnr has won all seven of his professional fights and, says his father, is being held back from mixing it with the established middleweights, led by Matthew Macklin, Martin Murray and Darren Barker.

"I'm not speaking as a doting father, I'm speaking as a fighter. He has everything."

Chris Eubank Snr

His father did not bother with a British, Commonwealth or European title before lifting the WBC international belt within 23 fights and almost five years - but he is expecting his son to succeed at speed.

"I don't see how he can miss," Chris Snr told Ringside.

"As long as he looks left and right when he crosses the road, I don't see how he can mess it up.

"I'm not speaking as a doting father, I'm speaking as a fighter. He has everything. He has everything and more and if anything he is being held back.

"He is so focused. He is one-track minded. He does two things; he plays Xbox and boxes - he is in the gym every day."


Naturally, boxing expected to see the young Eubank roll back the years and put on the sort of displays - good and bad - that had his father hitting the headlines.

It is of course a long time before the son will be involved in his own mega-fights and massive occasions, such as father's famous fights with Nigel Benn and Michael Watson.

But he is, according to Eubank Snr, superstar success might be the only thing they share in the ring.

"He's very different," he said.

"I am a different person, it's just he has my influence and my grain and obviously he has been around me all his life so those particular mannerisms he has in the ring I am going to put them on him because I think they work.

"But he is very different to me. I was not, ever a mean fighter. I was always conditioned; if he didn't antagonise him I would win on points, but if he antagonised me, I would punish him.

"Christopher will punish you. He wants to punish you. He is a fighter and he is a scrapper and I am trying to say don't use it, only use it when you have to - box because it makes the job much easier.

"So, we have a lot to look forward to."

And ever the optimist, Eubank Snr admits even he is not ready for what might well be coming the family's way again.

"I have a lot to look forward to in this young man and I'm shocked," he said.

"Yes he's my son, but I am shocked. His abilities are far better than they should be."