Emanuel Steward remembered by Glenn McCrory and Tris Dixon on Ringside

Last Updated: 26/10/12 12:31pm

Glenn McCrory shared some personal memories of Emanuel Steward on Ringside, describing the legendary trainer as "the headmaster of boxing".

The Sky Sports expert was speaking as news was emerging of the death of a man who made his name working with amateur fighters at Detroit's Kronk Gym before moving on to coach some of the biggest names in the sport.

He worked with the likes of Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Evander Holyfield and Wladimir Klitschko durijng his career and McCrory said he had the ability to bring the best out of any fighter.

But he also paid tribute to the spirit and personality of a man he has known for several decades.

"I've been around Manny for 30 years or more," McCrory said.

"I remember sending a letter to the Kronk as a kid to get pictures of Tommy Hearns, Milton McCrory and Hilmer Kenty and if you just remember him for what he did back then - making Kronk great - that would have been fantastic in itself.

"But then for the next 30 years after that he's been linked to every big name in the whole sport. He was almost like a headmaster; he could change somebody, mould somebody, iron out all the problems, make them a totally new fighter and bring them great fame.

"Look at our own Dennis Andries, who didn't look like he was going to be any more than British class and he took him on to be a star of the Kronk.

"He was almost like a headmaster; he could change somebody, mould somebody, iron out all the problems, make them a totally new fighter."

Glenn McCrory

"You look at fighters like the Klitschkos and he's been a permanent figure. We've covered fights for many years and he's always there.

"There's so many egos in this game and sometimes it all gets a bit nasty and fighters don't want to talk to you; but you could always count on Manny to be there with sensible remarks, ready to chat and ready to tell you what he thought."


Boxing News editor Tris Dixon agreed that Steward should be remembered for his willingness to engage with anybody involved in boxing.

And he said he had a unique talent for improving boxers of all statures.

"He's one of probably the top five great trainers of all time and there's nothing he couldn't do," Dixon said.

"He could bring a guy through from the amateurs and develop them as a young pro; he could do reclamation jobs and rebuild people; and he knew how to deal with the superstars, so he could take a guy who perhaps had a big ego and had to be nurtured and controlled and deal with those guys. There was nobody Emanuel couldn't really work with.

"I remember form a personal standpoint how he had time for everybody. I remember phoning him up before I did a show on Sky to do some background research on one of his fighters, Chad Dawson.

"I put in a quick phone call and he picked up and said 'how long is it going to take?' I said that I just needed a bit of time and he said he'd get straight back to me.

"He came straight out and said: 'Sorry about that, I was just in a production meeting with HBO'. He just shelved those big TV execs, came out and gave me 10 minutes' chat about Chad Dawson!

"That's what he was like with anybody. You could meet him on the street and have a conversation with him.

"He was almost like a Ricky Hatton of trainers in the sense that he had time for pretty much everyone that he came into contact with."