The Revista panel discuss the future of Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova

Last Updated: 14/05/13 9:22am

Will Tito Vilanova be at Barcelona next season and what does he need to do to strengthen his squad?

Vilanova replaced Pep Guardiola at the Nou Camp last summer and while he may have taken the club to the verge of regaining the Liga title, there are serious questions surrounding his managerial talents after they were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League with a humiliating 7-0 aggregate defeat to Bayern Munich.

The 44-year-old has spent time in the US undergoing cancer treatment and Guillem Balague believes it is that two-month period away from the club that has helped him keep his job.

"He is going to be the coach for next season," said Balague on Revista.

"But there are some very important people at the club who feel that the decision would have been different if he hadn't been ill. They feel that perhaps he is not the right manager for Barcelona but maybe he needs a full season to show if he is good enough.

"At the beginning of the season he did good things, but that idea that they had to win the league and they had to win it early meant that they did not rotate and that has affected his decisions. It was a bad managerial decision in terms of Messi's injury as well.

"I don't know how the team has progressed from the Pep era - there are a lot of question marks that will be answered next season.

"Is he good enough for the team and do players think he is good enough for the team? I think that is something that they are wondering."

Graham Hunter agrees that Vilanova should be given some time to settle back into the job and says that no-one knows what affect his illness has had on him.

"He has said that he was a rookie manager and that he will do thing differently next season," explained Hunter.

"I am not sure that addresses all the points, but how do you work, how do you think, how do you concentrate after a life threatening experience? I don't know. I think there is room to wait and see how he reacts.

Former Valencia star Gaizka Mendieta believes that Vilanova is good enough for the job but says he needs to make some changes.

"I think he probably is good enough for Barcelona but will it be enough for a team who are not getting to the end of a cycle but it needs renovating. He needs to make decisions at the right moment - we saw Pep Guardiola when he used to bring in young players and rest certain senior players. So yes, you have to try and win the league as soon as possible but there are other competitions you want to win as well.

"Obviously the defence needs to be strengthened, no team should concede as many goals as Barcelona have this season. Their potential going forward is tremendous but not so much in defence."

Splitting the board

However, Balague reveals that the board are even split over what changes need to be made.

"The board are divided, some are saying they need to get rid of big names in the squad, others are saying instead of a revolution we need to do little changes.

"Cesc Fabregas will definitely be staying though, forget him going to Arsenal. Thiago Silva is too expensive and I think they will abandon him - Marquinhos of Roma is someone they are looking at.

"However Pepe Reina is just waiting for a call from Barcelona to confirm he is going there for two years."

Thiago Silva and Mats Hummels are just two of the defenders that have been linked with the club, however Graham Hunter does not believe either of them fits the bill.

"I am convinced that Hummels is the wrong signing for what they need right now, he won't press, he won't work - he is a player in development. He has the potential to be an exceptional footballer and good luck to him.

"Barcelona need a defender at all costs and Silva is more expensive when they first missed him, he is a year older and is carrying an injury. He was perfect but less so now."