Castilla are not developing players for the Real Madrid first team, says Guillem Balague

Last Updated: 07/11/12 9:36am

Guillem Balague told Revista Jose Mourinho was right to criticise Real Madrid's approach to their 'B' team.

The Portuguese boss has recently pointed the finger at Alberto Toril, who is in charge of Castilla, Real's 'B' team. Toril was tasked with making Castilla more competitive but that, Mourinho says, has led to him neglecting his duty to develop players capable of playing for the first team.

"Toril was brought in to make the team competitive," said Guillem. "He thinks 'as coach I should be moving on those who are 21, 22 and I should get the juveniles to come in. But if I'm making the team competitive I'm going to keep them and make the team better'.

"And that's what he's done. He's fulfilled his briefing.

"The problem is Real have got a different way of doing things; they want the Ronaldos and Beckhams to fill the first team.

"The problem is Real want the Ronaldos and Beckhams to fill the first team. They're young players are not good enough to play for Real, which is a completely different level."

Guillem Balague

"If there was a Raul in the lower side of course they would play in the first team, it's just there isn't enough quality.

"But there is enough quality to fill the first and second divisions with Real Madrid players - Real adds more players to those leagues than anyone else, because they are doing things well. But they're not good enough to play for Real, which is a completely different level."

Selling ring

Graham Hunter agreed with Mourinho's stance and said Real were more interested in selling promising young prospects to finance moves for established European stars than developing the talents themselves.

"We don't see the young Real Madrid players tested like we do with the young Barcelona players. Do we see that with Alex or Nacho? No we don't," he said.

"I think Mourinho's basic point is fair; if these guys are going to make the transition to the first team why not play them in their proper positions at Castilla.

"The club has set up a system which is anti the philosophy at Barcelona. Instead, it's a selling ring where they bring the kids on and then get five or six million for two or three of them a year to fund it. That's a betrayal of the Real Madrid concept."

Gaizka Mendieta suggested that if a young players was given the option of being developed at Real or Barcelona there would only be one choice.

"If you're a young boy and you have the choice between Barcelona and Real Madrid you'd choose Barcelona because you know you are being brought up to play for the first team, whereas at Real Madrid you are not going to play.

"Real has always been a team that buys players so it makes sense for Toril to try to win matches and play as he wants because there's no link between them and the first team."