Toshack's Madrid XI

Four current players make the grade

Last Updated: 02/05/12 9:37am

Former Real Madrid manager John Toshack says only four of the current crop at the Bernabeu would get into his championship-winning side of 1990.

Toshack led Los Blancos to the La Liga title 12 years ago and compared his team to Jose Mourinho's table-topping XI, who will break the league's points record if they win all their remaining games this season.

It was Toshack's Madrid side that set the La Liga record and the Welshman told Revista that both eras have quality in abundance.

"My side had an average age a lot higher than this one. It was the fifth championship in succession and they were on the way down. The Mourinho side is a lot younger and they've got more football ahead of them," Toshack said.

"I have a soft spot for (Iker) Casillas, he had his debut with me in Bilbao when he was 18. The two full-backs Chendo and Gordillo were fantastic Spanish internationals who love Madrid supporters even now, at that particular time they were generally regarded as the best. I don't see the two that Madrid have got at the moment coming anywhere near them.

"Fernando Hierro I signed as a 19/20-year-old from Valladolid, he went on to great things. I would probably put him there instead of Pepe and leave (Sergio) Ramos instead of Oscar Ruggeri.

"The two centre midfielders may not have the best balance but I have a soft spot for Xabi Alonso. Xabi made his debut for me with Real Sociedad and has gone on to great things.

"I would put him there alongside (Bernd) Schuster, a great German international, sometimes not the easiest to get on with but a terrific talent who played for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I would put him in instead of the German now, (Sami) Khedira.

"Then (Emilio) Butragueno and Hugo Sanchez, they were fantastic players, would play ahead of (Mesut) Ozil and (Karim) Benzema. I'm a great fan of Benzema and I think he's got a fantastic future ahead of him, but these two players were very, very experienced.

"Ronaldo picks himself in spite of the fact that Martin Vazquez probably had his best season out on the left during my time. Before he went to Torino he probably had his best season but I would pick Ronaldo.

"On the right-hand side it is Michel, who is managing Sevilla at the moment, a fantastic crosser of the ball and a great understanding with Butragueno. I would pick him instead of (Angel) Di Maria.

"Although there would be seven players from that side 22 years ago and only four from this current side, that is just a personal opinion and I think the side that I had were a lot more experienced than the one that Mourinho has now."

Toshack's elite XI:

Casillas; Chendro, Hierro, Ramos, Gordillo; Schuster, Alonso; Michel, Butragueno, Ronaldo; Hugo Sanchez