Get Involved in Winter Tennis

It might be cold outside, but the tennis is still red hot...

Last Updated: 03/11/12 10:50am

Andy Murray thrilled the British public by winning Olympic gold at Wimbledon and his first Grand Slam title in New York in basking sunshine.

But as the temperature drops and the nights draw in, tennis probably isn't at the top of most people's lists of things to do.

The sport, though, is enjoying a boom - British tennis membership grew by 4,000 during the Olympic Games alone - and we discovered on Get Involved it's easy to keep on playing right through the winter.

The Tennis Foundation, Britain's leading tennis charity, works with the Lawn Tennis Association, Sport England and local councils to grow the sport in communities.

Geoff Newton, the foundation's executive director, told Get Involved: "The success of Andy Murray and our leading lady players is creating interest. There's no doubt that's important.

"What's also important is engaging with local people and schools and taking the game to them, showing it's an inclusive sport - anyone can play, even if you're disabled - there are no barriers.

"It's a sport for everybody."

Across the country winter tennis leagues are in full swing, as Nicky Harrison, the LTA's Development Manager, told us.

"There's been a lot of interest now in playing tennis year-round. There's an increase in memberships in clubs and the sport's on the up.

"People just have to layer up a bit more and wear a pair of gloves but they can continue playing."

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