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Last Updated: 27/10/12 4:54pm

Why don't you join the badminton boom?

"There is a lot more to badminton than meets the eye; there are a lot of tactics and a lot of deception."

Dan Nixon

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The shuttlecock-and-racket sport is played by half a million people each week, and those numbers have continued to increase ever since the activity wowed spectators at the London 2012 Olympics.

The 'No Strings' scheme which has been installed up and down the country allows people to turn up and play badminton whenever they want for a minimal fee.

And Badminton England regional manager Dan Nixon hopes it is now becoming clear just how thorough a mental and physical workout you are given if you take up the sport.


"If you go online, search for Lin Dan v Lee Chong Wei, and watch the Olympic men's singles final from London 2012, you will see just how intense this sport can be," Nixon told Get Involved.

"There is a lot more to it than meets the eye; there are a lot of tactics and a lot of deception and once you get to know the game it is really exciting.

"A lot of people see badminton as a bit of a garden sport, a bit of pitter-patter, but we know that is not the case. Once you get to a certain level, get a bit of coaching and you are playing someone at a high level, you are running around and sweating."

Nixon added: "We have an online search portal where people can go and find information about clubs, as well as venues that will hire their courts out for badminton use.

"It is a very simple process. You go to the website - - pop in your post code and all the information is there for you."

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