Get Involved in Squash

Find out how you can take up this popular racket sport

Last Updated: 15/09/12 12:39pm

Sky Sports News discovered how the sport of squash has been re-born as an activity for everybody.

Squash used to be seen as something that only very fit young people could do, but as Get Involved found out, it's now emerged as a social sport for players of all ages and abilities.

There are around half a million people in the UK who play at least once a week, making it one of the most popular participation sports in the country.

Jim Lord of England Squash and Racketball told us: "It's dynamic, there's a competitive angle, but it's also very social as well.

"I think the social aspect's hugely important for us because people thrash away for 45 minutes on court, but then will have a beer in the bar.

"The social aspect's really important."

Squash is also a great sport for young people. Get Involved visited a group of schoolchildren in Manchester, who have squash included on their curriculum and train at the state-of-the art National Squash Centre.

And as you'll see from the video report, you can also play squash as a pensioner!

It's the only racket sport that has not seen a decrease in the number of participants during the last four years and squash is even bidding to be included in the Olympic Games in 2020.

So this is a great time to get involved!

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