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Last Updated: 13/08/12 2:11pm

The inspirational power of the London Olympics means there has never been a better time to Get Involved in sport.

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"This is not a sprint - we are not Usain Bolt! This is going to be a bit of a marathon and I would say we are probably in mile five at the moment."

Jennie Price

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So says Jennie Price, of Sport England, who told Sky Sports News that more must be done to create a lasting grassroots sporting legacy from the Games.

This December Sport England will invest over £400m in a variety of sports in a bid to increase the number of people playing sport once a week, every week.

Many sports are already experiencing a steady increase.

In the last few days, Sky Sports News has contacted all 17 Olympic sports that have featured on our Get Involved series this year to find out what effect the games have had on participation.

Every single sport has experienced an enormous surge in interest, with many reporting website hits up by a factor of several hundred.


But Price stressed that there is still plenty of work to do.

"We're seeing the most massive interest, and that's great," she said.

"We've got clubs and all sorts of sports organisations flooded with calls but the way we count participation in sport means that we look at the number of people playing sport once a week, every week and that is actually quite a big barrier - to get people to commit to a sport that frequently, so that will take a little while to build.

"This is not a sprint - we are not Usain Bolt! This is going to be a bit of a marathon and I would say we are probably in mile five at the moment.

"It is a decision-making process and you have to be quite brave to go into a sports club for the first time, so we've spent a lot of time working with clubs about being welcoming and drawing people in when they walk through the door.


"I do think genuinely, the inspirational power of the Olympics and particularly the breadth of sport that people have seen means that people are far more likely to have seen something and think 'maybe that is for me - maybe I can't be a heptathlete like Jessica Ennis but maybe I could go and try something like Judo or Taekwondo'.

"What I would say to those people is, 'please give it a go' because sports really need more participants and they need ordinary people as well as the stars.

"Clubs and other people who offer sport have to remember what brings people back - it is good facilities, it's also if your friends do it so we're encouraging people to set up programmes where that kind of thing is taken into account."


Our series Get Involved has highlighted just how many options are open to you, especially in this Olympic year - but have the Games had the desired effect? These are the latest numbers we have...

The Amateur Boxing Association has seen 15,000 new visitors to their website

British Fencing has attracted 2,000 new people to their website with Volleyball England seeing an 850 per cent increase in website visits

A total of 5,500 people have searched for their local club on the British Rowing website. It is usually 150 a day

British Gymnastics told us they have had more than 83,000 visitors to their website and 10,000 searches for a local club

British Cycling are taking 250 new club memberships every day

The Royal Yachting association have had more website hits in one day than they usually get in a whole month

British Swimming says in the first four days of the Games they had more than 180,000 new website visitors with more than 10,000 people using their local pool finder application

British Handball have had 38,000 website hits compared to the usual 1,000 a week

The British Canoe Union have been getting 4,000 hits at peak times

British judo say 5,000 people have used their website to try and find their local club

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