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Snapshot celebrates Sports Days - but changes are needed

Last Updated: 11/06/12 6:18pm

The finishing line is in sight.

As Get Involved Week nears its end, it's time to reveal the results of our survey into the state of School Sports Days.

The questionnaire, devised by Sky Sports News, consisted of 10 questions each requiring either a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

The overwhelming feedback from our 922 contributors was that School Sports Days are fun, enjoyable occasions but don't necessarily encourage young people to participate in sport year-round.

Here are the results...

Our snapshot shows that School Sports Days remain a fixture of school life, with 87.5 per cent of people who completed the form saying that their child's school still has one.

More encouragingly, a similar percentage of readers indicated that their child enjoys taking part while almost 800 respondents said that the word 'Celebration' rather than 'Humiliation' summarises their child's experience.

Fittingly in Olympic year, the vast majority of people said that they like School Sports Day to have a competitive edge - over 90 per cent saying they don't believe that the occasions are too competitive and almost as many dismissing the idea that too much emphasis is put on winning.

Opinion was split, however, when it came to addressing how Sports Days are organised and run.

A total of 528 people responded that, in their opinion, Health and Safety legislation introduced in the last five years has had a negative effect on their child's experience.

And while three-quarters of those asked were satisfied with the variety of sports offered, a whopping 48.6 per cent made it clear that they'd like to see major changes made to the way Sports Days are organised.

The nature of those changes is unspecified but half of those who completed the survey stated that Sports Days don't encourage year-round participation in sport.

So perhaps the message is that schools should train their focus on competitive disciplines which offer pupils the chance to develop skill sets through hard work, determination and dedication.

Let us know your thoughts...

Get Involved Week: School Sports Day Survey

Does your child's school hold a traditional Annual School Sports Day?

Yes: 807

No: 115

Does your child enjoy participating in School Sports Day?

Yes: 823

No: 99

Over the last 5 years, have Health & Safety rulings had a negative effect on your child's School Sports Day?

Yes: 528

No: 394

Does your child's school offer a variety of sports to participate in on School Sports Day?

Yes: 688

No: 234

What best sums up School Sports Day for your child?

Celebration: 795

Humiliation: 127

Are you concerned that School Sports Days are too competitive?

Yes: 90

No: 832

Do you think too much emphasis is put on winning at School Sports days?

Yes: 158

No: 764

Are parents allowed to attend your child's School Sports Day?

Yes: 643

No: 279

Do you think that major changes need to be made to School Sports Day?

Yes: 444

No: 474

Do you think that School Sports Days encourage year-round youth participation in sport?

Yes: 429

No: 492