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Last Updated: 04/01/14 2:33pm

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Show Knowledge

1. Which London 2012 Olympic Medallist joined us for the very first episode of Game Changers?

a) Jessica Ennis

b) Louis Smith

c) Mo Farah

d) Sir Chris Hoy

Watch Louis on the show again by clicking here

2. Buster and Prisca attended the 2013 Sportswomen of the Year Awards - but who won?

a) Christine Ohuruogu

b) Charlotte Dujardin

c) Becky James

d) Non Stanford

3. Josh trained with Sky Sports Living for Sport to climb which mountain?

a) Ben Nevis

b) Everest

c) Kilimanjaro

d) Mont Blanc

Check out Josh's Video by clicking here

4. What football team does Darren support?

a) Manchester City

b) Everton

c) Manchester United

d) Tottenham

Read Di's and Darren's profiles

5. Which sport would Di love to master?

a) Show jumping

b) Triathlon

c) Golf

d) Skiing


6. What's the first thing Jenson Button does in the morning?

a) Bring in the milk

b) Check his cars are ok

c) Read the newspaper

d) Drink half a pint of water

Here are Jenson's First and Favourites

7. What is Tour de France winner Chris Froome's favourite sport after cycling?

a) Rugby

b) Ice skating

c) Football

d) Moto GP

8. How far can Ashes winner Heather Knight hit a cricket ball?

a) 50-60m

b) 60-70m

c) 70-80m

d) 80-90m

Watch Heather talk about regaining the Ashes

9. What sport did the WWE Divas The Bella Twins play competitively before turning to wrestling?

a) Baseball

b) Basketball

c) Soccer

d) NFL

10. What special gift did Commonwealth gold medal-winning heptathlete Louise Hazel bring into the studio?

a) A hurdle

b) A shot putt

c) Her favourite spikes

d) A javelin

Hazel explains how she got into athletics

Challenges and Masterclasses

11. Who knocked Di off the top of the Change Your Aim leaderboard?

a) Handles from Harlem Globetrotters

b) Louise Hazel

c) Mark Foster

d) Anthony Clark

Watch how amazing Handles is!

12. What is David Beckham's top tip for crossing the ball?

a) Control

b) Always finish the ball

c) Accuracy

d) Pace

13. What grip does Louis Smith use when he plays golf?

a) Interlocking

b) Baseball

c) Cricket

d) Tennis

Louis heads to the driving range

14. According to the Laws of Cricket, which of the following statements about the Leg Before Wicket (LBW) mode of dismissal is untrue?

a) A batsman can be out if the ball pitches outside leg-stump

b) A batsman can be out even if the ball doesn't bounce

c) A batsman can be out if the ball would have gone on to hit the stumps

d) A batsman isn't out if he hits the ball before it hits his pads

Brush up on the LBW rule here (if you need to)

15. According to Andy Murray, what is the most important thing about the serve in tennis?

a) Racquet Speed

b) Accuracy

c) The ball toss

d) Leg spring

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